WTS Two Chacacters 68M + 637K Free SP & 34.7M + 346K

Steven Shen
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Steven_Shen PW: 123456
Amarr Carrier LV4
Drones 9.4M SP
Gunnery 8.8M SP
Spaceship 20.7M SP (major in G & C)
In total, 68M + 637K Free SP

Kraken Phantom
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kraken_Phantom PW:123456
In total, 34.7M + 346K SP

I am for sale.

50b for Steven and 22b for Kraken isk ready

Looking for 75 B B/O for two character.

73b B/O for both

OK, fine. Please transfer ISK to Steven Shen. I can do both transfer today.

Do you still wanna purchase them?

Yup will send it over now

Will send the ISK to each char for each transfer as stated in the rules of bazzar 50b and 23b

Update: Both isk and Mails sent to each char Thanks

ISK received. I will transfer them in hours.

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Kraken is in the process of transferring. Steven will be the next. However, they cannot be transferred at the same time cause they are under the same account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

no problem understandable :slight_smile:

Steven is in the process of transferring. Fly safe!

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