WTS Unique Ships



Poke me on discord

Discord is best Casper#7059


Haha good luck mate

Bump for some content

New Things Added

up - cham is sold

Bump, added UTU WTB and another cham to sell

Added WTB Chremoas


Bump, added tia and hydra for sale

Bump, added WTB Fiend

got utu somewhere, 160B

New stock for sale. No ty on utu at that price

Bump, added wtb Silver, only 1 hydra left

After Holiday ( SCREW THE PATS ) Bump - Added WTB Caedes

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added fiend malice victor tiamat etana and 2nd moracha

Hello, if you could do a little reduction, i have 115B fresh isk for your virtuoso.

Could pay immediatly.


friendly bump

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Victor and Malice are sold, mails responded to - Bump of sadness for our video game

Are the Morachas 650 each?

Nm, see the ea now. Ty