WTS Vanilla C4 w/ C4 and C3 Statics

System: J160046 - http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/J160046
Effect: None
Statics: C4 and C3


1x Fortizar - Complete Defense Fit with Cloning Bay, Manufacturing Plant I, and Research Lab I
1x Azbel - Complete Defense Fit with Capital Shipyard I, Manufacturing Plant I, and Invention Lab I
1x Raitaru - Cloning Bay
1x Astrahaus - Complete Defense Fit with Cloning Bay, Small Ship Manufacturing Time/Material Efficiency I Rigs
13x Corporation-Owned POCOs

Sale will include approximately 100 days of fuel for all structures as well as a variety of capitals and hole rollers depending on the buyer’s preferences.

System contains a handful of dead sticks with no observed activity in several years.

Moon and Planets

1x Plasma
2x Lava
3x Barren
2x Temperate
3x Gas
1x Ice
73x Moons

WH supports manufacturing of every form of PI commodity and moons have an excellent variety of ores and common goo.

PI Manufacturing Profile:


Complete Moon Analysis:

Starting Bid: 30B
Buyout: 55B

Bump to the top you go!

What caps are inside?

At last count there were a handful of Archons, Phoenixes, Ninas, and others. I’ll have to see who still has what in here.


As we discussed in game we are wanting to buy the contents of the WH for 34 billion.

contents of the hole include but are not limited to:


plus approximately all the fuel in them (roughly 70d for Azbel due to the modules and 91d for the Forti, 7 day for the Raitaru).

Plus the Orca

Acknowledge all items and sum is correct based upon in game conversation.

Currently awaiting ISK transfer and availability for route in to facilitate transfer.

Final price of 32B agreed due to transfer delay.
FInal move out terms agreed for stragglers.
All structures transferred and transaction complete.

Sale and transfer completed successfully.

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