WTS Vanquisher 550b

Hull rigged, 550b
PM me


still available

selling it, loc: northern region

Interested. Pm me location please

I mailed you


still available

550Bil fixed price

420b ready to go now, contract to me

what part of fixed… :slight_smile:

bruh, isk is ready

bruh, ur lowballing him

no just spaming my thread or bumping it?

qué más pues?

The seller doesn’t know its true value.This minimum is 800b.

wow… are you selling one of you own? the price during last year is usually 600-650b.
I dont need any fee or tip for that free education lesson.

450 bruh

You are free to sell how much you want, but BPC price at the 550. This is the market price.
After a series of revisions, the cost of manufacturing is now getting higher and higher.
I suggest you refer to other posts in the forum.

If you’re this confident in " The Market " and " Manufacturing cost, " just buy his for 550 and relist it at 800.

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