WTS Vanquisher BPC

The Vanquisher is getting a cost reduction in Havoc. I have acquired a BPC to sell. Getting another BPC will cost 150 bil isk and 150 mil LP which mean you probably won’t be seeing too many more of these any time soon. The going price for Serpentis LP is over 3k/LP so this BPC is technically valued at 600+ bil isk. Make me a good offer and I am sure we can come to a deal.

BPC is located in Jita 4-4. Will private contract because no one like paying taxes.

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CCP confirms a T1 titan equivelent build cost with a very high BPC cost:

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550b offer

I appreciate the 550 billion isk offer.

consider a hull?


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What’s the magical number. I eve mailed you.

Replied in game