WTS/WTT/WTB Some Alliance Tournament Uniques

WTS Caedes x1 (lots of killmarks)
WTT Imp (some killmarks)
Wts Virtuoso x3 AKA daredevil on Nitro oxide
WTBuy or trade Chremoas

Mail me to talk. I have liquid and am willing to review trade deals. I am also easy to find on Discord for a chat.

How much for the Vangel and Caedes?

Vangel = 2x Virtuoso or 225b liquid
Caedes = 1x Virtuoso + 20b or 135b liquid
My rates improve if I am trading for a replacement El’ Chremo Tig

Edit: or offer me a different trade combination, I will have a look. I just have a guilty obsession with the Virtuoso.


Houston, we have lift off.

A brief update for any interested parties.

Vangel is on retention pending negotiation with person.

Houston, we have lift off

Houston, we have lift off.

Vangel has gone to a friendly fellow for what I consider to be a reasonable trade.

Houston, we have lift off!

So you lost your +300bil Chremoas to a 20mil Comet and now you decide to get rid of all your shiny ships so you don’t lose face ever again? lmao… Anyway, I would like to offer you 110bil for the Caedes so you don’t have to lose that ship too. Let me know.

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Cant even afford going price of a caedes these days? 135 bil bid.

Let’s see your “museum”.

Houston, we have lift off!

Imp is on retention pending various discussions between various individuals.

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