WTS/WTT/WTB Some Alliance Tournament Uniques

(Dark Magni) #1

WTS Caedes x1 (lots of killmarks)
WTT Imp (some killmarks)
Wts Virtuoso x3 AKA daredevil on Nitro oxide
WTBuy or trade Chremoas

Mail me to talk. I have liquid and am willing to review trade deals. I am also easy to find on Discord for a chat.

(xTIGGERx) #2

How much for the Vangel and Caedes?

(Dark Magni) #3

Vangel = 2x Virtuoso or 225b liquid
Caedes = 1x Virtuoso + 20b or 135b liquid
My rates improve if I am trading for a replacement El’ Chremo Tig

Edit: or offer me a different trade combination, I will have a look. I just have a guilty obsession with the Virtuoso.

(xTIGGERx) #4


(Dark Magni) #5

Houston, we have lift off.

(Dark Magni) #6

A brief update for any interested parties.

Vangel is on retention pending negotiation with person.

(Dark Magni) #7

Houston, we have lift off

(Dark Magni) #8

Houston, we have lift off.

(Dark Magni) #9

Vangel has gone to a friendly fellow for what I consider to be a reasonable trade.

(Dark Magni) #10

Houston, we have lift off!

(TxivYawg1) #11

So you lost your +300bil Chremoas to a 20mil Comet and now you decide to get rid of all your shiny ships so you don’t lose face ever again? lmao… Anyway, I would like to offer you 110bil for the Caedes so you don’t have to lose that ship too. Let me know.

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(Zahara Cody) #12

Cant even afford going price of a caedes these days? 135 bil bid.

(Zahara Cody) #18

Let’s see your “museum”.

(Dark Magni) #19

Houston, we have lift off!

(Dark Magni) #20

Imp is on retention pending various discussions between various individuals.

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