WTS your dream carrier ratting pilot

“A lady in the station and a freak in the haven” - THE SCOPE DAILY on Iceblue zl

Yahoo~! Iceblue zl here!

If you’re looking make some sweet isk carrier ratting at MAX efficiency, you won’t be disappointed with me !

I am a 29.4M sp (1M unallocated) specialized carrier pilot with the full package to get you your dream haven ticks. And I can be yours for 25B.

The stuff that matters:

  1. Fighters V, T2 heavy and light fighters
  2. Minmatar carriers V (fighters goes zoom!), Gallente carriers IV
  3. Decent supporting skills
  4. JDC IV (You only need 1M sp besides unallocated sp to inject to V if you want to do fleet stuff)

See you around!

18B offer

Is it still for sale

yes ,but 18B is too low for me :rofl:

21B offer

All right, 21.5B, that’s my highest offer

22B offer

23b offer


Cool! Will be home in about 2.5 hours to transfer the isk!

isk and account name sent!

Ok i have done the character transfer

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