WTS ZenScience 106.831.995 points from 2006

(ZenScience) #1

Want to sell myself :slight_smile:

char info at http://eveboard.com/pilot/ZenScience no pass

added 250 mill on skills nearly all skills injected
2 remaps available
4 jump clones
+5 implants + mining foreman mindlink

B/O 110 bill

start bid 100 bill

no assets.

standings on eveboard are not right sample eveboard say -0,13 it is 1.49 why it shows difrent i dont know perhaps skill related ?

happy bidding

(TxivYawg1) #2

85 bil

(Miep Vingerdiep) #3

90 Bil

(TxivYawg1) #4

91 bil

(Miep Vingerdiep) #5

95 Bil

(ZenScience) #6

24 hours (its 22:53 now) for final bid, seems fair highest bidder wins :slight_smile:

(ZenScience) #7

30 min left

(ZenScience) #8

Miep your the winner 95 bill it is pls send me an ingame mail with where zenscience need to go after i recieve the 95 bill i will transfer zenscience.

(Miep Vingerdiep) #9

Iskies sended, see ingame mail

(ZenScience) #10

isk recieved how ever pls send the same mail with this account that you post with in the forum to make sure not a random person send the mail
thanks in advanced or send me a convo (online waiting)

(ZenScience) #11


(Miep Vingerdiep) #12

ty vm

(system) #13

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