WTS6.2m SP Mining Barge Character (5b, Price Reduced)

All CCP rules followed.
No kill rights
Positive Sec Status/Wallet

Focused on mining.

Taking offers.


(While not part of the deal it self and isn’t to be counted towards the total price, there is some 800m in asset safety on this character, so if you purchase it, be sure to check the assets in about 14 days)

Asking 5.75b buy out.


Bumping this post tot he top !!!

(5b, Price Reduced)

Yeah these characters are still for sale :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:

4.1b for JASIV after confirming there for sale

The character is for sale, however not for 4.1b the Buy out at 5b is more than fair enough.

This character is no longer for sale, reason asset safety data sheet shows it has 3b in items, Will sell character again in a few weeks. Also SP has increased 600k since this thread started.


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