You know, Alex, I often have the same questions. After 12 years in the game, I have accepted that there’s no possible way I could keep track of all the tangled webs of allegiances in nullsec. My personal strategy is to just shoot at all of them.

But how do the nullbears themselves keep track? That’s a question that has baffled the brightest minds in New Eden for 18 years. I have a theory though.

They are all massive nerds. Their big brains are packed with all sorts of useless information. To us, this is an impenetrable mystery. To them it is just one more thing.

Delete SOV.

No supers in lowsec.

Delete local in NullSec.

Structures anchored on planets only.

POCO tax is not set on the POCO it’s set in corp/alliance and applies to all POCOs like taxes for missions. POCO gameplay is stupid and POCO bashes are stupid. Convert them all back to Interbus.

Game fixed!


I think making NS corps pay and defend the local network was a missed opportunity.


WWB3 update.
Glorious battle for defense of I-hubs

Now that’s more like it


Meanwhile… Half of null-sec nerds will say: “Give me a break! ■■■■ off!”

I missed that WWB2 event mostly too.

Here’s the quintessence of entire WWB2 in 15 minutes. From crab hunting to honey harvesting:

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