Xhjfx is terrorist and traitor. List of his Crimes!

Look you all upon this foul list that I, Lord Vaari have brought before you! A proof of evil and darkness my brothers and sisters! A list that brings great sorrow to the God and discomfort to all honest men!

It is list of facts! Undisputed crimes of someone very high in Curatores Veritatis Alliance leadership. Indeed a man, who holds the strings of entire Proviblock at his slimy hands!

This vile criminal is no other that Xhjfx the Vile! Diplomat of CVA, moderator of KOS-list, Tyrant of Providence, Patron of Heretics and Traitor of light!

His crimes are too numerous to count, but here are the most severe of them. They are targeted against amarrian loyalist and Proviblock!

Apostasy - Xhjfx has in numerous occasions insulted our late Imperial Majesty Sarum I. He has also insulted our faith.

Sheltering heretics- Xhjfx has made himself known all around providence to be steadfast protector of heretics and even terrorist cultists, like Purity of Throne.

Sheltering criminals-Xhjfx has on numerous occasions sheltered his friends who violates Providence NRDS rules.

Fabricating KOS-Xhjfx has been found guilty of fabricating KOS orders to those he does not like.

Stealing CVA- Xhjfx has stolen the CVA from Proviblock. He holds the alliance at his hostage by owning all of its galnet infrastructure.

Causing Proviblock to crumble-Xhjfx is directly responsible of numerous cracks in Proviblock and has caused many alliance to leave Providence because of his tyrannical nature.

Look and tremble! This thing lives among us all! He sucks milk from Providence’s tit, but gives back only dark things and dishonesty. What a pitiful man he is. Not even worth a title of heretic, for even lowest heretics despise the man with such crooked spine!

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Let me list all the reasons I care:


These are very serious accusations indeed. I look forward to reviewing the evidence of these heinous misdoings, which I invite you to present at your earliest convenience.

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Might want to get your translator checked. It kept using words like “fact” and “undisputed” when there’s very little to back either of those two up.

Come on, you can do better.


Say what you will about Lord Vaari and the contents of his messages, but I do quite enjoy the elevated style of his philippics. It takes quite a bit of rhetorical experience to regularly come up with such things and not make them look repetitive.

He should collect them into a compilation book one of these days. It would be a bestseller and a public service. Kids these days need to know more cultured ways to insult their opponents rather than bring up each other’s mothers and sexual preferences all the time.

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Are you reading the same regurgitated drivel as everyone else?


As somebody who’s reading this for the fun without knowing anything of the context, I find it funny that it’s listed under the “Fiction Portal” category.

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That’s the point. The content is the same, the message is the same, but the subtle details are different each time.
One could simply just make a template, something like “I, Lord ____, condemn the heretic _____ for the grave sins of _____” and then just copy and paste. The man goes to extra effort beyond that, and for that, at least, he deserves credit.

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I’m quite sure he’s just got a list of 100 offenses and 100 different potential complications, and then randomizes a draw of half a dozen or so.


I don’t get this shtick of calling people terrorists.
Traitor - it is understandable form of insult. It is dishonorable. It is illegal.
And terrorist? Terrorism is just poor man’s war.
Yes, people like me put themselves over terrorists and would not consider doing their job. Just like scientist wouldn’t consider doing janitor’s job.

So, calling people terrorists is same as calling people janitors.
Quite immature.

are you real


This Xhjfx hasn’t responded to this accusation in over a month, I am inclined to believe Lord Vaari. Insulting her blessed Majesty Sarum I is popular in nullsec and Providence citizens often think they can get away with sloppy etiquette, so I believe that he might have insulted her.

It’s far more likely he is unaware, or simply doesn’t care. The accusations of a known eccentric are hardly damning evidence.


Yawn…Inventory the attitude Vaari.

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