XML error trying to download Skill Queue Planner


I tried to download the Skill Queue Planner mentioned in Resources for the New Citizen! and linked to at EVEMon - Character Monitoring and Planning for EVE Online. This seems to be a problem with BitBucket and the GitHub link seems to be okay.

Is this planner still recommended or should I even bother worrying about trying to download it?


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The skill planner is very useful in working out long term goals. I would definitely try to use it. I will make sure the link in that thread is up to date later today.



Hi there,

I just had a look and I can download the application. You mentioned you had an XML error, was this while you were trying to use an API within the application?

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No, I was trying to download it using a web browser. The error happened using FF, Chrome and Edge. Was I not doing it correctly?

I just attempted in Chrome again, and it worked. It also works now in Edge. The XML error still happens in FF.

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