[YAH] Space Drug Lords - Dedicated & Rich Small Gang Group

Your Ad Here… more like Space Drug Lords

…is (was) small corporation that has grown its infrastructure quicker than it can manage with its manpower.

We are casual group, where being just friends comes before being hardcore spacefaring a**holes.

If you enjoy watching numbers in your ISK wallet grow quickly - we’re the right for you :slight_smile:
Ideally we’re looking for good laughs and situation where everybody knows everyone else by name.

Some things that we do:

  • Idiotic blob PvP - gives 200% more fun than income
  • Combat boosters manufacturing, biochemical reactions and making stacks of ISK
  • Black Ops for PvP, PvE and industrial operations
  • Abyssal sites in frigates and cruisers

Some of the perks that come with joining us:

  • Freedom to pursue your own agenda
  • Jump Feight Service
  • Banter Service (whatever it is)

To apply, simpy mail me (Merci Homelander) in-game, or for the quickest reaction time, simply add me to contacts with notification (I have my phone app EVE Portal that notifies me of new contacts)

If you are still not sure, please check out our premium newsletter we created on the same scheme, but looks way better on its background. https://www.youradhere.space/
Also it shows few more ways on how to apply to us.

Hope you guys enjoy it, and we’ll see you soon.

Stay safe right there.

Still active

Please guys, feel free to start convo with me first before mailing, you might get to me online :slight_smile:

Still up

Hello Guys,

About to make an allicance for huge fleet PvP runs/moon production.

Recruitment still open

Up for another day :slight_smile:

Still active

Bumping for reaches

Still up

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