[YC 119 NECWC Entry] Figments of Poetry

Submitted for consideration in the YC 119 New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest.

Figments of Poetry

by Ché Biko


Entangles me
I got caught in the Net
It’s keeping me from my bed


My eyes are open
I’m awake
But I don’t want
to get up yet
It’s warm
inside the bed


In the future
will be
a light
and then
will be

The Darkness of Light

Don’t stare into the sun
The look won’t last that long
and you’ll see nothing but sun
’till unfading darkness comes


I’m in a waterfall,
but why am I drowning
with all this air around me?

I guess because it’s hot
and even if it’s not
the sound of water fills my ears
or is it my fears?

It doesn’t matter anyway
Unless I summon
the power of a salmon
and swim to the top
But I’m not even a fish
Like a magnet, I repel
organic matter


Reflections without Introspections
Everyone can see but me
Everyone is blind but me


The door to my heart is rarely locked
so people can easily open it
and come inside
I just wish they would close it
when they leave again
There’s such a draft

S.A.D. (Sorrow and Depression)

You are always near, never far away
I think you might be here to stay
I think you might be following me around
I think you might be part of my shadow on the ground

You make me human, maybe even complete
I don’t want to fight you
I don’t want to lose you
I’m kinda getting used to having you around.

Sometimes I try to escape you
You sometimes tire me out

I know you so well, you almost seem like an old friend
But you’re not the only one, and you’re not the end.
Green makes you less mean
It’s strange that that is true
’cause they say your color is blue
Does that mean yellow is our fellow?
The sun in the sky that makes me forget why to cry?

How come your tears are burning in my eyes if they are made out of water?

In Memoriam: Pakhshi’s Star

Another supernova, in the Pakhshi system this time. A massive star collapsed.

A supernova briefly outshines an entire galaxy. The extremely luminous burst of radiation expels much or all of a star’s material at great velocity, driving a shock wave into the surrounding interstellar medium. Supernovae play a significant role in enriching the interstellar medium with higher mass elements. Furthermore, the expanding shock waves from supernova explosions can trigger the formation of new stars.

I had only recently discovered this star. I admired his spectrum, and I will miss it.

I feel the shockwave, but I am grateful for his luminosity, which is present still.
And I see the interstellar medium being enriched.
And I see the formation of new stars.

:copyright: Ché Biko 119


Really interesing figments of Poetry Mr Biko! :+1:


Having many pieces to judge at once and displayed at the same time makes it difficult. There is emotion and imagery here and I had to isolate individual poems to see it.

The subject matter and your emotion are what you should focus on, you have the technique down well. You shine in pieces with subtle feeling that leave a memory of that emotion stronger than the words.


Thanks for this critique. I hope I’ll be able to put it to good use.