[YC 121 NECWC] Keitgas Station

Hello pilots, I finally finished it! My prose submission for YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer Writers Contest. A bit of horror to give you skin a crawl.

For your reading enjoyment, please find my submission Keitgas Station here.

A short summary of my submission -

Jubae lives aboard possibly the worst mining station in all of New Eden. A haven for refugees of war and those with nowhere else to go, Keitgas is where people find themselves when their dreams have finally died. A station where everyone, even those who don’t work the mines, is likely to succumb to the Creeping Cough. Serving as private security for the entertainment hubs on the station, she thought herself immune to contracting the ever-present cough of Keitgas’ denizens. Yet over the last three months, even she has started to succumb to crippling coughing fits that leave her weak and unable to work.

Edit: Unfortunately due to forum post limits, I cannot post the whole story here.

Thank you for your submission!

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