[YC 122 New Eden Writing Contest] Universe Dreams

Submitted for Madeleine Raske-Lancier, age 9, under the category of poetry

Universe Dreams

Kaleidoscope nebulas of pink, blue, and purple
dotted over majestic expanses of midnight.
Magic places only seen in my imagination.

Flying faster than light, but hearing no sound.
The rush as my heart beats faster.

Planets, stations, citadels
crisscrossing the immense cluster.
People from all places, clothes, hair, culture.
I want to experience them all with the hunger of a starving soul.

One day I will soar across the stars.
Face the trials of space.
Now I labor to learn, prepare, understand
until my feet can freely leave the ground.


Aww this is so relatable. Reminds me of myself when I was a child =^_^=


I’ll pass the praise along to Madeleine. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled :wink:

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