[YC 126 NEWCWC] Hands Up! This Is A Robbery

This poem is my entry
And it is really good!
This verbal scram won’t let you flee
And you shouldn’t, if you could.

This note’s a work of art, you see
To be kept in judges hands
A business offer outta me
More cultured than demands

You didn’t scout the gate, it seems
And you jumped right in my words
I have no need to wreck your dreams
So long you fulfill my terms:

Please send right over all that ISK
The first and second prize,
And third and fourth and fifth, or risk
A choice I’d find unwise

I know that we don’t always see
Together eye to eye
But this arrangement sets you free
Why wait? So say “aye aye”!

If I get gate-camped, it better be you bro o7