[YC119 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest] ils savent

Entry for the poetry bit of YC119 NECWC. Technically still on time. One hour left to go, yay.

Posting here OOC for ease of access.

There is a dance that you must know before you hit the masquerade,
Because those men and women both will stare you down with gaze of blade;
They twist and twirl and dip and duck and watch you — watching your charade:
Your practiced steps, some chosen words, that razor’s edge to run or prey.

Lift your chin and mind your feet. If you’ve self doubts, find them allayed:
For dancers here are obfuscated, tucked beneath their masks of clay
And stone and steel and knowing looks they toss to you, as if to say:
“We’ll shut the doors and sound the band. Your song is on. Go dance; allez.”