YC120 Pod & Planet fiction contest -A Day in then Life category-The scary life of a newbie trader a tale of epic greed stupidity and bravery

Here’s a story I’d like to share from my long long past back when even PI wasn’t even in the game and my character was barely 1year old.I had just amassed a wealth of 500million doing missions and before that I had squired my first freighter a Charon.I was looking for ways to utilize it hauling trade goods and selling them to npc buy orders.I had no idea at the time hauling contracts for money existed.Then I noticed this particular item called long fish roes or something there was extremely lucrative npc buy orders that would make me 100m+ for 1 trip if I manage to sell to these orders in hi sec.There was only one problem the system that was selling them at low price was a low npc pirate system close to friggi.I was sweating just thinking about it, I was scared, but in the end I decided to go for it.I even bought the trade goods in advance.I went in the low sec system without even scouting it with an alt,I warped to the npc station without aligning 10 long seconds gulping and sweating, nobody is around me, but I’m scared like hell! I’m in warp!Phew. Dock in put the stuff in the cargo, then i noticed few players chatting in local right after I unlocked and pressed warp, I was like oh man I’m doomed!Too late I was already in warp, but when I landed there was no one on the game I then proceeded to jump and bingo covered in sweat and breathing heavily I was 100m richer.I then came back to the system in a noob ship and told the player pirates what I did we all had a good laugh and they taught me many valuable lessons, which I still incorporate into my game play to this day.

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Amusing anecdote!

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