Yellow parasol 💬


Today I had to look-up someone under alt+e and to my surprise, on their name in the result window was a speech bubble! I was so relieved I didn’t have to go to the trouble of right-clicking. :wink:

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It’s funny, after this “update’s” mind-boggling design decisions (which are only the latest in a trend), I was thinking along similar lines, that merely complaining doesn’t achieve anything - we’ve seen this aplenty in the past year. A cliche then occurred to me: you gotta hit them where it hurts. And where’s that? The pocket, the bottom line.

ROFL - I like that! Lots!

EDIT: Now, while some players may think “so ****ing what? It’s just little icon, get over it - use it/don’t use it”, what this little icon represents is what @yellow_parasol is getting at: idiot creep, basically. It’s not just the bubble itself, it’s what it portends for the future…


Time for #CCPdidthis

Or will CCP again write angry letters to players because they view this as harassment.

That aside: Yellow, is this really you? :thinking: Where has your positive attitude gone?


Need to click the speech bubble to find out. :speech_balloon:

–Gadget noes de way

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I’d be more upset over their apparent lack of action against well documented bots than chat bubbles, but whatever gets the torches and pitchforks going, I guess…


Yellow, what can we do to cheer you up, brother?

Your post here actually made me somewhat hopeful for the future of Eve. Now I feel like I want to biomass… :grimacing:

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Can I have your stuff?

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They won’t do anything because they know you autists will calm down after a while, like you did when they changed the rat icons from crosses to triangles.

I just wanted to private message someone from their name where they typed in local, and I had to right-click on their name or go to the list and scroll. Could we add the chat bubble next to each name in chat so I don’t have to go to such trouble?

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Yellow parasol just defended the forum title of biggest and hardest post under cameo appearance.

Hmmm, a giant wall of tears from yellow parasol, it must be a weekday…

Stop playing with that fraction of a bitcoin you bought with your allowance and get a job.


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TImes change

Anyway I’m saddened by another stupid thing they did which is screwing up expeditions by moving them to the agency and now they’re calling it a bug that didn’t show up in testing-maybe nobody tests at all and why should they as there’s no benefit in doing so.

As for the chat bubbles I barely noticed them since I use compact mode.
As far as your grievances OP remember these aren’t the same people that made the original game those people have moved on .

Those people been moved off.

Not all the community team were are just a bunch of clowns IMO.I’m talking about programmers and artists who started vanishing after Trinity update many years ago(the one where all the ships and stations etc got better graphics)

I was referring to the original core Devs who been forced to leave after Seagull popped up.

And looks like Hilmar under heavy stuff and laughing all loud while reading through forums how mad people with CCP.

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The problem of incompetence doesn’t begin there it starts with Hilmar and his do it as I say or get fired approach.


As far as I understand it most of the devs know they’re taking the game in a bad direction but being in their shoes would you lose your job or risk not being ever promoted or falling out of the bosses graces for a game’s sake?I wouldn’t

You’re standing on the beach with your arms out,flailing them wildly. Screaming,trying to hold the tide back. Its an unrewarding task and no one can hear you over the din. How do I know? This happens to every MMO that goes f2p. I played another mmo for a decade. Lol no it wasn’t WoW. It was great for a few years and I saw the changes before they actually occurred. I too trumpeted the same horn and no one really gave a ■■■■.

Another death blow was/is Steam. They destroy existing communities by placing a train station for the special train. Each train car has its own social disfunction,seats already labeled. Its even equipped with heated seats and free promos for stops along the train line. I know that sounds harsh but its so true. Endless free accounts,then set up the multiboxing farmers. Today “that” game has open adverts for out of game purchases,for ingame currency. Which by the way hadn’t happened for over 6 years pryor. I smile when I go to that game’s forums and see dozens of threads/post with complaints of the chat being spammed with offers to buy the bot-farmed currency. A negative by product imo was the the vets,if you will,didn’t like the influx and one by one they mostly all left for other pastures.

Whats left? A player base that doesn’t know the game they play. Its developers move through the revolving door and most of don’t know much it about also. Same things happened as here. Old legacy code gets replaced. The new iterations are always screwed up. Yet the train keep making stops and new players throw out cash,for a while. That MMO layed off over 80% of its staff in the last 3 years. Development is nearly gone,except for store purchases that range from cosmetics to out right p2w options. What content that is released is just an abomination.

Today most f2p games are careers for the lazy and socially inept. Real money is the driving force. Loads of cash are being made in a way that likely violates laws in every country. I have had a suspicion for some time,that some gaming companies know and even endorse these actions. Deals are brokered and revenue is dispersed. After all,no gaming company has the resources to chase down every website offering items or currency for gaming,to charge the violators. Incorporate is far less costly than to expatriate.

This game with Plex and its interchangeability is no exception to this. It is susceptible to the same corruption as any other f2p MMO.

The gaming world has changed. The honest,work for your rewards are part of a closing era. Whether,you or I like it or not. The addiction (To the pixels and cash) is strong and no stick is required. The blinders are on and only the carrot matters. When the train whistle blows,they flock to it like a soup line during the Great Depression. The rest of us get stuck smelling the trash left behind.