Yesterday was boring, so today I did something dangerous

In fact, I did one of the most dangeroud things a capsuleer can do…

I travelled to Jita.

And I didn’t die.

Starting from Rens, the fast route is 16 jumps and goes through multiple low-sec systems, including Rancer, which is a major pirate stronghold (the Pirates of Rancer… hmm… good name?). Anticipating that I would be ganked along the route, I left my Slasher behind and borded a corvette for the journey. I didn’t just jump willy-nilly, I took my time, bounced around inside each system a bit so that I could avoid gankers. It was a close thing, too - I ran across three Combat Battleships, including two criminals, in Rancer, but I managed to make it through the gate before they could lock on or smartbomb me.

I got my first photo along the route in the Ambeke system:

Beautiful shot of a gas giant and a Gallente nebula in the background.

Eventually, I made it to the system of Perimeter. Got another cool photo here:

There were lots of suspects hanging around the stargate, but I managed to jump through without any of them taking a shot at me, and I made it through to Jita.

The Caldari Navy Assembly plant at Jita IV, moon 4. The biggest trade hub in all of New Eden. A wretched hive of scum and villainy, with gankers looking to sacrifice themselves taking out capsuleers so that their buddies can pick a couple of ISK of the wreckage of the fight.

I’ve got to say, the scammers at Jita aren’t exactly subtle, are they? All the ISK doublers and lotteries and people trying to flog you an Orca. Does anybody ever actually fall for these things? Seriously? Do they really expect you to hand over your cash with the expectation of a big payout? That’s just an Amarrian Prince scam, a 419, right?

Nice interior, lots of neon. Very cyber-esque.

While I was there, I took the opportunity to set up some docking bookmarks, in case I decide to go back there and do some trading. I managed to get this shot while speeding away from Jita:

And then I was on my way home! Back through Perimeter, back through lowsec, through Hek and Eystur and heading back towards Rens. I got this nebula pic while in warp:

And back to home sweet home. All that and I didn’t get attacked at all. The way people bang on about Jita, I was expecting to get blown up at least three times before I managed it. Still, can’t complain, really. Got to Jita and back, no ganks, and I got to see the sights along the way.


Congratulations. I go to Jita and back all the time and don’t die. Cheers!


The basics of getting safely to and from Jita by highsec routes are pretty simple: don’t be “worth it” and don’t look like you might be. Some highsec pirates might gank for fun, but most of the people out there are doing it for profit. So, don’t look profitable to kill and your odds of making the trip safely get sooooo much better.


When I make runs to Jita, even high sec, I use a blockade runner maximized for the shortest align time. Cloak ‘n warp each gate.

Actually I do that for any trade port, but Jita I’m a bit more diligent.

You stay rather close-by to myself and many other friends - and sound rather new to the life of an egger. If you should find yourself in the Dammalin system, keep an eye out for The Wreathe and Rifter. Your scanners will show it as a Mobile Depot, but I assure you it’s made a nice little bar, welcoming to all Matari and friends.

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