Yo Mr. CCP! Thanks!

“Mr. CCP” refers to the collective of decision makers at CCP hf. and NOT specifically to one single departement/section/team or person/employee of aforementioned company. Seriously.

This is a formal complaint to the best of my abilities.

Why’s this

not where everyone, particularly me, checks? Here I am thinkin’ that site’s exactly made for what I’m usin’ it for, yet it doesn’t contain what I’m bob damn supposed to be findin’ there!


Ya know, I know how this works. I got a lot ‘a stuff around that needs to be put into the places they belong. Sometimes I got to put this there, that there, and sometimes I even put a note somewhere else to remember the place for that the thing I just put there. I love just put somethin’ somewhere and callin’ it a day, ■■■■ yeah, but this ain’t gonna work in the long run when ya’rr payin’ bills to get ■■■■ done. If I did that, we’d both be burnin’ money like we’ve got enough to burn it for giggles.

So it’s great ‘n all that you got a seperate site for live-events, but’s not so great that those who go checking on updates.eveonline.com won’t know it’s coming. Ya know that there’s a point in having an easily memorizable site showing potentially interested parties about what’s comin’ and ya know that that’s why I’m buggin’ you about it.

If this is solely the job of the Community Team, then for ■■■■’s sake give these people some assistants or whatever, because you can’t fuckin’ tell me that two guys can run all this ■■■■ all on their own and I’m actually quite pissed about how they’re apparently expected to do so. Ya’rr actually losin’ money by not spendin’ more money on a big community team and I ain’t talking about the updates thing now.

So how 'bout I won’t need to remind you Mr. CCP, every single time from now on, repeatedly if i have to, and you just correctly do what needs to be done and maybe give those who need it some help, 'kay?

Cheers mates and thanks for your cooperation.


Your autism is showing, you might want to have that checked.


I won’t fault you for trying, but it’s quite confusing to read what it is you actually want.

Are you saying the event isn’t being announced via updates.eveonline.com? Because I’ve just checked and all I had to do is to scroll down and there it was, with picture and date.

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They obviously just fixed it because of his official complaint you ignorant

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It wasn’t there before I posted. Believe it or not.

Gonna ask for a lock now.

Thanks, Mr. CCP!

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All good. Could easily have been a browser issue or something else.

Sure, but I’ve got a witness. Ya want me to summon him or will ya just believe me?

Just say his name three times and he shall appear.

You may regret it though.

Closed at OP’s request

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