You aren't entitled to your playstyle

Nobody begrudges you it. But I don’t care who you are, what kind of organization you belong to (if any), or what your playstyle is, you aren’t entitled to it. More power to you if you can accomplish it, but nobody owes it to you, not CCP, and not anyone else. And nobody cares.


ok…what made you decide to post this?

and…who died and made you Spacepope? :wink:





You’re not entitled to make bad posts.I don’t care who you are or what shitposter, furry worshiping organisation you belong to.If you like being a shitposter in your spare time more props to you but don’t feel entitled to shitpost everytime


Take me to your tuna.


You’re not entitled to your shitposting.

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Perfect message for bears.




  1. believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Correct for Alpha players.

Omega players, since they DO receive special privileges by paying a premium, are perfectly entitled to play any particular way they please.

–Gadget’s Title is Queen Rock Smiter

Despite what the Legion of Pedants wants to squack about, OP is plain and simply correct.

An addendum is that CCP isn’t entitled to anyones money, either.

But again, OP is spot on. The fact that he might be a troll, or deliberately looking to stir up some ■■■■ on Sunday, is irrelevant.

EvE is all about “harden the ■■■■ up”. It’s also all about “it’s only pixels lol”.
But hey, guess what? That’s a two way street moi foine buckos.

You ■■■■ with someone else’s play style? Perfectly acceptable. Someone fucks with your play style? Perfectly acceptable.

Even if the other person is CCP.

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I’m not a troll. I’m being totally serious. I’m tired of reading threads on this forum and others where selfish entitled crybabies cry for CCP to nerf this and buff that and sculpt the game to cater to their personal playstyles, at the expense of everyone else.

Prime example is so-called “lowsec nano-gangs” who feel entitled to be able to hunt around lowsec with impunity and not be dropped-on by capships. Since that happens, they want capships nerfed, they want them banned from lowsec, etc.

Well guess what? There’s a lot of things I don’t like. I don’t like running into gatecamps - it annoys the piss out of me. I don’t like getting tackled, and slowly killed 1 HP at a time, by some sh!t frigate orbiting under my guns. I didn’t like trying to evac billions in BPs from a station being attacked the other week, only to lose it all as I was evacing it. So maybe I should start screaming and whining and crying all over the forums too, in an attempt to get CCP to sculpt the game to my liking.


inb4 Pearl Abyss ruins EVERYONE’s playstyle so everyone can HTFU. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:


Your posting history is nothing but shitposting. Just because for once you try to come over all grown up and reasonable doesn’t mean you suddenly get away with it.

Choices have consequences. You choose to shitpost a ton, so the consequence is that we deem you a shitposter. It’s really not difficult.

I don’t really care what you think of my posts or my posting history. I was kindly explaining to the guy who thought I might be trolling that I wasn’t trolling. If he accepts that and believes it, fine. If he doesn’t, fine. And if someone like you claims it’s a shitpost, who cares?

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