You broke it!

Is anyone else having issues with their chat windows?

yea all chat windows are blank.

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Yes no chat windows and local has gone…

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Remember when CCP said they’d roll back to the original chat servers if this ■■■■ continued?


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Its Black Monday :frowning:


Hmm maybe everyone just still speechless from the amount Streamfleet raised for Take-This charity?

Server shutdown in 30 mins!

31 was shown…which is odd by itself :stuck_out_tongue:

And i told you blackout would return :stuck_out_tongue:

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sever shutdown LMAO
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

yes we member :))) also that was another LIE from CCP/PA.

Haha yeah. but actually my chat is now working after some major fps drop brielfy.

my chat is still blank as blank can be…

Same here. All chats dead. After clicking thru all of them, msg appeared: “Attempting to join a channel” After msg disappeared, half of my chat windows were gone.

I think its starting to filter through to everybody slowly. Im sure yours will be up momentarily.

no it’s the return of blackout…now availiable for all… :slight_smile:

Server reboot delayed… Seems they think they can fix it without one. Player channels are back at least.

Edit: just logged in a second char, all windows are working there, but all people that were already online are not showing up in local and corp

Still blank for me though…

Got to try relogging. Thanks for the heads up!

remove Shared Cache , fixed for one account , but for second got some problem on this

Relogging fixed it for me as well.