You can buy EDENCOM support skills from the skills tab


If you want to get Edencom support skills for a decent price, you can get them from the skills tab. Dont buy from the market! I explain more here, was almost going to pay 1 bil for a 50 mil skillbook LOL


It’s possible that Edencom skills were never meant to be sold through the skills page. IIRC, only skills available through NPC sell orders are supposed to be available through the skills page. The rest you have to get from their sources or the market.

Can confirm that many Edencom skills are able to bought through the skills page for reasonable prices. Don’t know if this is intended or not. I had just assumed that they would be like the trig skills, and never even bothered to check.

Trig skill are available there too.

The only things missing are the weapon specialization skills. Those are still quite pricey.


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