You think you know the whole story, Think again. Spectrum Alliance (SPEC) is recruiting

You’re probably thinking, that we may be the last alliance on your mind while you sit in your nice looking Citadel/EC/Refinery and believe with an inch of thought that nobody would dare touch it.


We’ve massed over 60+ including alts and allies with information of and due process in Termination of assets, salt mining destruction and we dare to send, the naysayers who will risk everything to save our victims and the victims themselves, THE MESSAGE. All in the name of Impurism, period.

You ask us, what is Impurism?

I have no doubt that you, as a player, have noticed the huge number and proliferation of player owned structures in New Eden, especially in Highsec.
This organisation is an amalgamation of a number of corporations and alliances, which have banded together to cause as much chaos and disruption as possible to the inhabitants of a particular area, and to begin destruction of structures in Highsec. Any Warhammer 40K player would understand what & Chaos means, and we are doing exactly that.

We are going from place to place, sieging everything and everyone. In a way… we are creating the first sort of
player-run Highsec incursion. Because of this, we are creating our own lore (which you can add to) surrounding our Religion, and our god, known as The Great One!

There is no reason WHY we hit a particular area, it is simply just because we can (to generate content).
If you cannot actively defend your structure, you should not be allowed to keep it

Our ultimate goal is quite simply, to destroy as many structures, abandoned or not, and create as much chaos in the process as possible, in order to:

  1. Stimulate the Market

  2. Create content (which a lot of Highsec carebears don’t know they need)

  3. Generate a number of slave corporations to work for us, and eventually join us

  4. Give our conquered systems to corporations or alliances to rule, through Wardenship, where they can effectively do whatever they wish with the system (limit anchoring of structures, enact laws on the local population residing there, enact taxes… and anything else they can think of that is creative).

Think of it as a Reiteration process of your normal everyday cleaning service in Hotel New Eden.
You may think of Impurism as a psuedo-religion, the reality is that is only in game.

You think that we’re all bad guys? We do this, to teach you the very lessons our veterans teach the newbros.
Take my quote.

“Content creation is the destruction of boredom that have shaped this game for over 15 years, this is one revolutionary idea of a structure bashing, merry band of misfits. Instead of spreading anarchy, we educate the masses about what led to your assets become dust and how we can resurrect it through a learned lesson.” - Sawdeth Alumini

Now here’s the catch if you’re willing by choice to join us as a proud member of Spectrum Alliance.

We have 3 key recruiters from US/EU/AU who can answer all of your questions and subsequently help you be a member

Are you willing to shape the history of Highsec? If so, send in the application and we’ll process and handle the rest.


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