You want to live the wormhole experience join us (BDP) currently looking for members

Hello just from the title we are seeking members that want to go on a adventure in wormhole space. We are a small group of players that is wanting to grow much larger. What we seek is that you always be on comms in our discord which is mainly what we used to communicate when playing eve. We don’t used team-speak we want to keep things just simple. What are the benefit in being a wormhole well you are always connected to high-sec and in the hole it is much easier to make income from doing sites such as ratting, ore, data cite, relic cite, gas cite, and also planetary interactions which is currently know as pi. If you want to join us please join our discord channel and send a message or voice up if your interested on joining our group. If you get this part I want thank you and may you and your family be safe.o7

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