Young corp looking for new members!

Greetings Capsuleer o7!

My name is Blacky Fullmoon and I am the proud founder and CEO of Rising Moon Vanguard. I started my journey in New Eden, with another account, some 15 years ago. During that time I was a part of some small and some big corporations and alliances. However, the outcome was always the same. Just a cog in someone else’s machine. So naturaly I stopped playing after a while… But never got my mind off it, seems I was hooked! There is just something about EVE Online that you just don’t get anywhere else… The vast and open world? The steep learning curve? The gamemechanics? The amazing graphics or the overall toxicity/camaraderie amongst it’s player base? Or something else entirely? Whatever the case I just had to return. So I started a fresh account and began anew. This time I swore to find my own way and do the things I like. Got some real good experience in EVE from that point on (mostly PvE) So obviously I started my own corporation first just to avoid 11% tax that dissapeared into nowhere :stuck_out_tongue: Never intended for the Vanguard to become more than that. But then a friend asked me about EVE, and superexcited as I was, I told him I would show him the ropes and get him a headstart in the madness. So he joined my corporation, brought in another friend and so… Never imagined I would lead my own merry band of capsuleers, but here we are and what do you know? Seems I love it!

Enough of story time…

What we are looking for:
-Active alpha/omega capsuleers
-Miners and/or PI industrialists
-PvE pilots including but not limited to: mission runners, abyssal deadspace, anomaly’s and/or cosmic signatures …
-PvP Pilots
-Capsuleers with an interest in R&D and manufacturing
-Anyone else who thinks he/she can be a contribution to Rising Moon Vanguard

What we offer:
-Help with skilltraining
-Fitting help
-Rewards when certain thresholds are reached
-Ship replacement program
-Ore buyback program
-General tips and tricks from experienced members
-Semi-serious groupattitude where your opinion and ideas matter
-Young corporation in the process of establishing itself, so many chances for you as a player to grow with it
-The chance to achieve more, to be more
-Blatant honesty: You will never hear me say I know everything or have done everything, but by God, I swear I will do everything within my power to help you find your way in New Eden!

What we expect:
-Activity: real life comes first obviously. Me being a father/husband to a family of 5 understands that more then anyone else. But I also find a few hours a week to relax (and subsequently play the most stressfull game ever created XD)
-Contribution: I expect you to contribute to The Vanguard. Be it time, effort, experience, advice, isk, or anything else that brings us further as a group.
-Patience: EVE is not a game you simply “git gud” at over night, you’re in it for the long haul. We will be patient with you so please be patient with yourself and us as a growing corporation.
-Be yourself: you’re the one playing EVE in youre freetime and choosing to join the Vanguard so say what you want, when you want it. Discuss what bothers you and so on. It would be a horrible waste of your time otherwise!
-Be respectfull of other corp. members: mandatory! No if’s or but’s! I expect everyone to treat each other properly.

You’ve read all that? Good!

Then what are you waiting for? An invitation?
pun intended

Send me an ingame mail, reply to this thread or join the ingame chat channel “Rising Moon Vanguard Recruitment”


Blacky Fullmoon

Hey bro, was wondering if you are looking to join up our great and wonderful alliance. I sent you a in-game message and would love to talk about the detail. By joining us just know we have PVP-SRP 100%. I look forward to hear from you.

Recruitment is still open!

For new(er) pilots: Join now and learn EVE in a near risk free environment! Rising Moon Vanguard provides T1 ships (up to cruiser), modules, ammo and some implants! (On ship loss and pod destruction)

For older players: Same stuff applies but usually they don’t need T1 cruisers :stuck_out_tongue:

Join now!

Do you have a discord?

Hi Angel!

Yes we have/use discord! Or if you are implying that you would like a chat with me might I suggest sending me an ingame mail to schedule a time to talk?


Both was looking for more info and a chat

I’ll send you a mail later today!

Due to an upcoming mining fleet op we are urgently looking for miners! Pilots skilled in exhumers and or mining barges (or willingness to train into these) apply now!

EVE mail me for details!

Stay Safe!


Hi bro! We are vanguard Syndicate, and we would love to discuss the option of been part of our alliance. If interested, please join Discord Cya in there !

Are you looking for a corporation where you can just do what you want?
Are you tired of paying so many taxes on the isk you make?
Are you in need of some guidance down the path of becoming a promising capsuleer?
Well look no further then the Rising Moon Vanguard!
With our variety of activities and our experienced and honourable founder and CEO you will feel at home in a hearthbeat.

and alphas?

They are absolutly welcome :wink:

Where to start with this corp…As a new player the game became very daunting very quickly. These guys have helped me no end especially the CEO. Advice on fits, skill plans, isk making nothing was ever any trouble for them. In my naivete i left the corp to go into nullsec, what a mistake that was! I quickly came back here.

A great group of capsuleers all having different interests so fleets are always varied. The direction of the corp is very much member led (unlike some of the bigger corps). All in all a great place to play the game if you like a relaxed pace with like minded pilots.

Do you have a public channel in game?

would u be interested in a guy that mines sometimes and scuicide ganks miners other times?

Hi BanJot!

Haven’t thought of that yet, so as of now I’m in the proces of setting up a channel :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the advice! In the meantime you can always contact me directly or if you want a chat with my members let me know and I’ll set you up :wink:

Either way I’ll post it here when I have the channel up and running :wink:


Hey Jita Point Bot

We can certainly work something out :wink:

Sent an in game message.

Hey Ryld!

I replied several hours ago? Did you not recieve the ingame mail?

I’ll send it again to be sure :wink:

Stay Safe!