Z Trade Is Looking for investors!

My name is Tyrion Farchender, and I am the CEO of Z Trade Bank.

Z Trade is looking to scale, and we need isk to do so. We need people to invest isk into us so we can scale, while you make money!

Z Trade Bank is a place where investors can go and make 15-27% profit per month off of what they invest into Z Trade. Z Trade Makes money in the fuel and material market,and has 8% market share in Jita, 11% in Amarr, and 14% in Dodixie! We are looking to scale and we need investors of any wealth and status to help us,and make money while doing it! Visit us and our investors at Z Investors channel and make isk today!

We are also recruiting! Contact me in-game for more info!

Can you double my money if i send you 10b?


oh boy, this is going to go well, i can tell.

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Ponzi Schemes are so 2010.

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Send me a small downpayment (whatever you feel comfortable). I want to receive something in good faith to know you’re serious about investors. Once I receive the payment and know you’re serious about this, I will send you 1.5 times back to invest in your corp.

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Here we go again.

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put me down for eleventy billion isk!

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Seems legit.

If anyone wants to read a good old tale of scamming, click here.

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