Zarzakh changes pushed by CSM

Zarzakh bubbles are possibly the worst decision in the history of Eve. No counterplay, no flying smart, you just lose your ship unless you are lucky or are flying something that can fit an interdiction nullifier.


You literally cannot do that. /facepalm

just to be clear your saying that it is your decision that slowboating 100 k which takes like 25 min most to a tyedie fight with no counter play to sabers even though you can just do this on the out side of zarzach is what we wanted

You would not be let into the army because you iq is to low.

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Cry more, noob.

Not a noob its stupid decsion by ccp to have this system set up this way give us book marks combat probs d scan and it isnt as big of an issue without that its stupid

Dont you see this

If not you dont deserve to be on the csm. This system isnt for null blocks. Its for the faction warfare guys. This design is garbage.

Zarzach already is kinda meh tbh no bonus to refining and a one way gate to the wazone good luck using implants with that. so this change that null blocks wanted screams like the hic change that left wormholers unable to roll holes for 3 months

Also besides you who wanted this in the community give me a petition list.


I’m not on the CSM anymore.

And you’re right - this isn’t for nullblocs, it’s a system for FW. So watching a nullbloc fleet get dumpstered is a good thing. Hopefully nullblocs will stop trying to use it as a highway.

Anyway, cheers! Not my problem. Go talk to Amelia.

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How do i get your tag removed then who do i need to talk to

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I understand that if you cry really loudly somebody may hear you and fix it.

Just mute him on the forums, he has nothing useful or intelligent to say anyways. He just likes to troll on the forums because he has nothing better to do.

Click his name, then again to go to his account page. Click the box in the top right, select ignore, then select forever, problem solved.

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Does anyone know the percentage Hull hp you loose out side of the safe zones

You wound me.

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And with that, we see why the CSM is pointless, and should be disbanded.

It has devolved to just being nullsec to CCP quid pro quo, at best. Exchanges of political cover. More or less still think the whole ‘Brisc was banned for corruption’ stunt a few years ago was just a psyop of internet spaceship political theater to cement his Manchurian candidate role for CCP.


Yes, yes, the CSM is useless because … I have no idea. I can’t figure out what you’re complaining about.

You’re free to believe whatever you want, free to be ridiculously wrong, and I am free now, thank God, from ever having to care about the opinions of people.

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FTFY :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Good edit

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I see that you’re still a disgrace as a player and CSM member.

Perma ignored…

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Man, the number of people so desperate for my attention that they have to tell me they’re ignoring me is getting out of hand.

I need to start a fan club.

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Useless because it doesn’t represent anyone, but its own interest at this point.

Still a lot of good people on the CSM, get elected to the CSM.

That said, Eve has political machines, ones you knowingly crafted in large part Brisc. You came into Eve, pressed the flesh, like an old time Chicago ward boss, and I’ll take my hat off to you, you made an old man Richard J Daley ‘get out the vote’ machine. And yeah, you’ve delivered for them, or at least sold them on what you did deliver as what they wanted. So you are extremely competent in that role.

Issue is, like you know, CSM is not about representing everyone, never was.

Lets remember this gem,

The letter

That was pure exercise of CSM political capital of its player base to bully CCP into not experimenting with monetization models, models that many in nullsec legit would find destabilizing to their structures.

But you know all this Brisc. Playing the margins has always been what you do as a pro politician. Tell the body electorate what you’ll give them, deliver what is best for you, and give them someone to blame when it goes south.

Also… for someone uninterested in opinions… you sure did reply to it.