⌇ZBMC⌇ Zap Blap Mining Co. is recruiting

Zap Blap Mining Co. Wants You!

We are a small group of tightly-knit capsuleers who are working on carving out a slice of null along with our alliance, Blades of Grass. Currently living in Detorid as part of the Winter Coalition, we are a mostly Industry focused corp but there are plenty of “gf’s” to be had with almost daily fleets and tons of local content.

New to the game? Not a problem! We will help you learn how to live in null and make dank ISK. Active in both the US and EU time zones, we are currently looking for newbros and veteran players to join us.


  • Great community that is very friendly and helpful
  • Awesome markets with tons of items consistently stocked
  • Great PVE opportunities
  • Excellent manufacturing facilities
  • Great planets for PI
  • Tons of belt and moon mining opportunities


  • We have a 7m SP minimum
  • We require participation on 4 fleets a month (With the amount of PVP and Fleet opportunities we have, this is an easy goal to meet)
  • Full ESI checks
  • Ability to use Mumble and at least listen
  • Main must have Omega status

Want to know more? Join the “ZBMC Public” channel, our Discord or message me in-game.

Things that go BUMP in the night


Still looking for awesome people to join our ranks!

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