Zenith: What does it means: CHOOSE SIDES?

CCP tells us to choose sides. How???

Agency>Triglavian Invasion>Then what??

Join a public Edencom Fleet and kill Triglavians and their supporters in Laminal sites?
Join a Triglavian Fleet or Triglavian NPC support fleet then fight at Edencom fortress?
There’s Edencom and/or Triglavian HQ somewhere where you can pledge loyalty such as Faction warfare recruiting I’m not aware of??

Despite being an easy kill for whatever triglavian NPC out there lurking at gates there’s something else we should consider??

There’s thereof a sustained lack of instructions on the whereabouts…


This is a huge reason why this invasion content fell short right from the start. Dont mean to use you as an example but what u say here is stuff that ccp shouldve considered.

There are a few groups that participate in this content on both sides, but the primary public groups ive seen are :

  • The Triglavian Initiative
  • Edencom Defense Initiative

You can find them both in the ingame channels named exactly as above.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, this thing runs solely on gun diplomacy. Shoot the side you don’t like, and presto, side chosen.

And yes, it sucks a bit that you either have to go to a new invasion system, a really dangerous final liminality system or just randomly travel between invaded system until you find one that has combat sites for fighting Trigs if you want to side with EDENCOM.

Helping Trigs is really easy however, as EDENCOM doesn’t shoot neutrals: Just enter the next fortress-system you can find in the agency, then shoot an EDENCOM ship. Done.

If you want to actually grind up standing for that extra stuff CCP promised, good lord you poor bastard. Scroll up, and ask those groups for help.

If you do nothing - your default choice is Edencom but you don’t get any of the perks for making that choice. You are still kill on sight for the Triglavians - you can’t be neutral.

What benefits there will be to choosing one side or the other (beyond the clothing which is kind of irrelevant given that we don’t have any avatar gameplay) remains to be determined.

My guess is that the loot currently available from the invasion sites will be exclusive to the conquered systems and you’ll need positive standing with the Triglavians to harvest it.

This thread contains some usefull links for getting involved with an invasion community.

I’m not sure that makes sense, considering you get the loot (red loot for selling, stuff to turn in in EDENCOM-loyalty shops, T2-materials salvaged from Trig-ships) in question by shooting Trig ships.

Trig players would have to go to EDENCOM-systems to harvest their loot.

Otherwise, CCP needs to do a lot of changes. :smiley:

In some ways they reinvented things they shouldn’t have. The systems could have just had some good old I-V mission agents.

It’s a system that works for a broad spectrum of playstyles.

There is clearly a “not invented here” problem on the dev team.

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I shall not capitulate no sides shall be chosen, if that means being shot at by both factions then so be it.

eve is a old game and we already chosen sides
im a amarr pilot
should i join my enemies , the minmatar and the galente and betray amarr?
should i join the triglavian and betray amarr?
i mean to a new player this sides could be enticing
but to a old player they are weak sauce


When the Fleets are ready in the right spots. The trigs will choke inward.

I’m more than basic worried about fighting Trigs than join them. I actually would like to Join EDENCOM Defence Initiative.

I joined the channels for a start, but there’s a lot of invasions all around, and just a few fleets that I can find.
Channels also reletively quiet.

If it wasn’t for this thread I’d be blank spot zero.

All this results in that unlike other empires, which can fight Trigs and contribute to defense, Caldari fleet is something that needs to be actively protected by player actions to keep the influence % from plummeting when fleet derps itself to a fight it cannot win.

NOW what this mean??
If I can get more chances to defend Caldari Space by joining faction warfare I’ll do it!
What chances are that it would work better than EDI or other?
My biggest concern is to protect my assets, which are mostly Caldari.

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