Zer0 Enterprises Site

Just wanted to share my latest website build: zer0enterprises

If anyone is looking for a nice site, you can hit me up, but I’m more looking for suggestions. Any thoughts on changes you’d make for a better experience?

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TLD might help.

It’s a link, moron. Don’t troll. Harassment is against forum rules. :slight_smile:

I’m neither trolling nor harassing. Your link does not work as it has no TLD.

I’ll expect the apology shortly.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen with your constant harassment.

See, now you’ve fixed it. Not sure why you’re so angry whe I was just trying to help. You’re welcome anyway.

Who’s going to helpfully criticise your web-site when you react like this to a simple suggestion ?

It wasn’t the criticism that bothered me, to be honest. He was right. It didn’t have the TLD on the link.

The reason I reacted to him that way was because he threatened to dox me and he was harassing me on another thread.

This is false. At no point did I ever threated to dox you. I did offer to give someone a link to your website, just like you are quite publicly doing here.

How was I harassing you? I gave a counter to your opinion and you went into a near endless tirade of insults. Just like here, where I gave you quite a reasonable comment and you flew off the handle.

I’m not in any way seeking to derail this thread, but there’s no way I’m going to accept you outright lying about me without comment.

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The site is absolutely fantastic. This looks like a great corp for newbros to start EVE. I wish we had more corps like this in this game and less newbro extorting scum traps like those regular criminal highsec corps.

Praise James

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