Zer0 Enterprises Site

Just wanted to share my latest website build: zer0enterprises

If anyone is looking for a nice site, you can hit me up, but I’m more looking for suggestions. Any thoughts on changes you’d make for a better experience?

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It’s a link, moron. Don’t troll. Harassment is against forum rules. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen with your constant harassment.

Who’s going to helpfully criticise your web-site when you react like this to a simple suggestion ?

It wasn’t the criticism that bothered me, to be honest. He was right. It didn’t have the TLD on the link.

The reason I reacted to him that way was because he threatened to dox me and he was harassing me on another thread.

The site is absolutely fantastic. This looks like a great corp for newbros to start EVE. I wish we had more corps like this in this game and less newbro extorting scum traps like those regular criminal highsec corps.

Praise James

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