Zero Drama Alliance Expanding in Etherium Reach. Need corps and pilots!


We have recently successfully completed planting ourselves in Etherium Reach and now we wish to expand. Solar systems are begging for occupation, bounties crying out for wallets, moons that want to be shot at, an industrial pipeline and markets for everyone. We already have staging areas, facilities of all kinds, and logistic chains so you just need to fly there.

Our biggest priorities are:

  • Zero drama folks who remember this is just a game
  • PVP folks
  • EU timezone folks

However, we are, by no means, restricting applications. If you are a pilot looking for a home, we have several corps to choose from; if you area a corp looking for a new place to plant your flag, we have several systems to choose from.

Come have a chat and see if this little slice of 0.0 is good for you!

Looking forward to talking to you,


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