Zero Point Energy - Looking for pilots

Zero Point Energy Initiative are looking for new pilots to join us on Eve Online, both casual and dedicated pilots are welcome, we welcome both Alphas and Omegas.

What we are looking for:
To start with we are looking for pilots to join Zero Point Energy - Mining Corp, and learn and work together and find the best way each pilot can get the most out of playing eve-online, whilst enjoying the tedious tasks of shooting rocks for valuable resources. Pilots should at basic have one of the following communication clients installed or access too.

Discord / TeamSpeak 3 / Mumble

Why we recruiting?

Zero Point Energy are currently looking at recuiting players for more “Community” friendly games such as Eve Online, World Of Warcraft and other titles. We would like to build a presence in Eve Online for a one of many reasons.

-: Bring like minded people together
-: Promote the energy initiative part of Zero Point Energy
-: Provide an environment for pilots to get involved with open source projects
-: Enable pilots to join a corporation with both an in-game and real world purpose.

There is no pressure or minimum requirement for pilots to commit to Zero Point Energy, although there are more rewards/benefits for time committed to the Corporation. Whether this be ISK Rewards for completing certain tasks for the corporation, bonuses for reaching targets on mining. We are also open to working with our pilots one suggestions for other incentives to encourage other pilots to “get involved”.

Thanks for taking the time to read this recruitment post :slight_smile:
Take Care! Stay Blessed!

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