zKilloard. Is this legal?

So whats your problem?

Where is the illegality?

And have you contacted CCP if you believe they are losing revenue somehow?



This is a false equivocation. It is clear, that a good-faith reading of CCP’s terms, shows that they are talking about real-life money.

Real-money revenue is real-money revenue. Fake-money revenue is fake-money revenue.

Keep in mind that you’d have to convince CCP that they’re in violation. They might not be onboard with your interpretation of their words.


OP, do you really think that CCP is not fully aware of such a prominent site as ZKill? If they had a problem with it they probably would have done something about it by now.

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There are loads of posts from people in null complaining about the free intel given by local -

Zkillboard is a major source of this intel if we removed the use of these stats by 3rd parties then most of the intel problems caused by local will go away’.

Yes, and in other news, OP is an moron

Why is zkill suddenly a thing people are questioning are you guys that bored?

Nah, almost certainly one person

I’ve seen it come up a few times this week. Not the same reason. I think one topic was talking about how it’s involuntary information, and some weird law change that targets facebook would make it be illegal. Something about derived data. Don’t recall exactly.

Yes technically they are in essence connected.

But they don’t get extra money when the isk is paid, they get LESS RL money because the ads will have less hits.

So he is taking isk and losing RL money.

Cagey bastard, using an RMT loss scheme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Can I charge people real life money for my application?
    A) No.
  2. Q) Can I charge people ISK (the in-game currency) for access to my application?
    A) Yes
  3. Q) Can I generate revenue via ads in my application?
    A) Yes, however you must follow CCP’s guidelines for monetization of videos
  4. Q) Am I allowed to collect donations from users of my application?
    A) Yes, as long as they are purely voluntary. “Donations” may not be mandatory, and you cannot require a donation to unlock premium access or special items.

Yes, it’s allowed.


I think it might be illegal under Texas Law. You should start your crusade with that. Your welcome in advance

You can Pay for Out of Game services with IN Game ISK, Assuming it does not violate Any other form Rules. Closed.