zKilloard. Is this legal?

Is this legal?

You can make payments to zKillboardthat will remove ads when you are logged in.

  • Even if you run AdBlock (I am ok with that) it is a nice gesture.
  • You can be ad free on zKillboard…com
  • Each month of ad free time costs 5,000,000 ISK.
  • Every 6 months you purchase in one lump sum will give you a bonus month!
  • There is no limit to how much you can send either. Yes, I got asked that.

To make a payment:

  • Send ISK to the character zKillboard (not the corp) in increments of 5,000,000 ISK, e.g., 5000000 (5m), 30000000 (30m), 60000000 (60m).
    *Your payment will be detected within 30-60 minutes (api willing) and applied to the account of the character that sent the ISK.
  • The golden wreck icon icon will show under your character on your overview page as long as you have ad free time.
  • Send 1b ISK and you get a permanent monocle on your character page.
  • Thank you!

Source https://zkillboard.com/information/payments/

What are the chances that you’re an alt of that clown who threatened to sue because he didn’t like his killboard padding show up on Zkill?


Why would it be illegal?


I must have missed the part where they’re making money off it.

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Making money isnt illegal tho. Especialy if it is ISK from game.

Send me isk.
Receive IRL value.
Makes money off ads, if visitor does not use ad block software, or pays them isk.

What IRL value?

In what way is this different from any site using ads? Except you can pay them away with isk instead of money?

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The owner earns IRL cash from the ads.

He then also earns isk from someone paying him in isk, to not have ads, for providing data he has not paid for in any way.

So does every website with ads.


  • Use the Property in relation to any commercial activity. This includes, for example, paying a printer to print some flyers, obtaining sponsorship, or selling non-CCP Games materials using CCP’s trademarks. This shall not prevent websites from using revenues from banner ads to cover the costs of the website operation, as long as such advertising is not the primary purpose of the website in question and advertisements are in compliance with the EVE Online End User License …

They can say the ISK has “real life value”, but that doesn’t make it a violation.

I can’t seem to find it, but I also recall reading somewhere that they can’t gate services for real-life money, which isn’t happening here.

Seems to me the purpose of the website is to generate ad revenue, and charge in isk, which CCP owns all of, to not generate that ad revenue.

“Seems to you” being the operative phrase.


And you’ve reported it to CCP then, right?


Wait. Wait you are asserting that the purpose of this website is not to generate actual money but isk?

You do know you can spend Money and get isk, right?

Yeah. Move along :neutral_face:


Isk is revenue.

“Isk is revenue.”

Isk is not real money. It doesn’t qualify. I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t make a very good space lawyer.

Edit: In-game Isk, anyway

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So by your own argument, CCP has no problem with this.

Isk revenue cannot cover site costs, regardless of ads.

Isk revenue, is revenue.