Zombie Apocalypse Mining Bots - Need Help

It seems that my 2 characters are not able to gank a fleet of Apocalypse mining bots in the System of Alakgur. There are about 8 of them 8 mining lasers, shield tanked. Takes 4 catalysts to gank and I only have 2. They don’t respond to bumping, they don’t respond to ganking attempts (Yes I failed)
I am sure they are multi-alpha on one computer boxing via ?VM. 8 days old with BS and T2 fits for 20+ hours of mining. I mean 12 lasers on 1 small rock because it is the closest, really?1?

They have been reported but so far no action

So my questions are:

  1. Anyone know of a good way with only 2 characters to gank these guys?
  2. Anyone want to come gank them for me?
    3, Any other ideas?

Thank you

:red_circle: Use Brutix or Talos or better yet Oracles instead?


Upping to ABC’s may do it. Or Coercers may have a better chance than catalysts.

Probably insured.

Have you calculated how much their setups are worth? Would the botter actually feel some kind of loss if you ganked his ships, or would it just be a minor inconvenience?

Machariel bumping might be a better solution until CCP acts on the botting report, if they do.

Well I did get a 500m microwarp on a stabber. Overhear for 7k+ m/s. Was going to try that, then they suddenly all disappeared.

As far as their fit. I suspect it costs them 150m per ship with the Apocalypse BB and all that t2 stuff. 4 catalyst T2 to gank is 60m.

If they come back I will bump them, and see if that causes him to decide to leave.

Ahh success https://zkillboard.com/kill/84258113/

We got 3 earlier, but I got it down to only needing 2 ships.


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