1 alt for Edencom, 1 alt for Trigs

And that removes any impact to anyone or anything.

If Edencom is made up of the empires then why no faction hit to the empire factions for farming Edencom?

This is broken, this needs to change.

Regular missions you take a faction hit to everything. Why is CCP coddling the big bad pvp players among us.


You may have had a valid discussion… this you typed this crap.


I think you should lose standing and security status for firing on big 4 ships. Eden com is big 4 and Concord. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that you can help the trigs wrest control of empire systems and the empires don’t even react.


It really doesn’t make sense that some pilots are openly siding with the Triglavians and reducing the influence of CONCORD / The (whichever) Empire / EDENCom and NOT having some downside?

Where is the risk? From the npcs? Nothing that cannot be solved / worked around or gamed.

Come on CCP, apply the EDENCom standing loss to the Big Four as well. Don’t give me that story about people not knowing what they are doing, there has been plenty of discussion here and elsewhere about the reduction of system sec status people KNOW what they are doing. Hell give them a big damn pop up for the standing loss, tell them they will be hunted by the Faction police.



How about no?

You can talk about theoretical garbage until the cows come home, but I already see an overwhelming majority of players supporting the Triglavs than EDENCOM. Also, you’re making the hilariously wrong assumption that people give a crap about this enough to all make one alt for each side.


Nothing theoretical about having 1 alt for each side and getting all rewards with no risk.
Nothing theoretical about being able to shoot Edencom (made up of the empires) and not taking any faction hit.

All fact.

This is broken out the gate.

Picking a side means nothing if you can have an alt on either side reaping the rewards.

Really, in a game where alts are a way of life you think people wont be using alts. Sorry but you don’t know this game.

And stop liking your own post.


How about this. Let’s check back at the end of the event and see who was right.

Did everyone make 1 alt for each side and forced the event to end in a stalemate? Or you’re wrong.

I’ll put 5b down on this saying you were wrong and that people won’t make 1 alt each to force the event into a stalemate.

What happened to all your bravado and confidence? Come on, put your ISK where your mouth is. Let’s see it. 5 billion isk right here.


Have a look at the history of faction warfare. Farmed for LP, who gives a f about faction. This is Eve, isk over everything. I already know I am right.


Stop backing down kid.

5 billion isk.

If you’re so sure, should be an easy 5b for you.

Remove faction hits from all missions ccp if you are going down the broken road.


They are not tho, the actual majority of the playerbase are high-sec players with one account.

And since those events will probably mostly be done by High-sec players to begin with…

(To clarify: I pretty much agree that not loosing standing by playing against Edencom doesn’t make sense. Tho that’s not a excuse to use fake arguments to defend the position.)

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So far you have provided nothing useful other than don’t mess with my no risk content.

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You don’t deserve anything useful.

Even if you take a look at the vast majority of events that CCP has done in the past, the rewards haven’t been that amazing to the point where everyone rushes out to make alts for it. The same will be for this event too.

For some reason, you’ve latched onto a hypothetical idea of “but what if everyone just makes two alts?” and decided that your idea is more factual than reality. Why?

I’m putting 5b isk on the line right now. Betting that you are wrong. If you’re so sure you’re right, why won’t you take the bet?

I won’t participate in another Incursion farming. So you are correct with your first question. Nope, not everyone will do that.

Does it mean that the Syn is wrong about standings? It does not. The only reason for not losing standings with empires when you side with trigs is CCP wanting maximum participation so they remove anything which might harm this new incursion.


You’re missing the point.

My point is that the number of people who care about standing hits is very low. And even lower, are the number of people who care ENOUGH to go and make new alts for this.

Unless they’ve been planning for this several months out to the point where they have multiple alts that are SP ready to start participating in this event (which, btw, we don’t know how difficult it’ll be), people aren’t going to just make fresh alts to avoid standings hits. No one cares that much.

(and even if they did, they’d realize the time and effort it would take to skill up those alts would be an incredible waste of time and isk).

People don’t care about standing hits because they have alts. Thick as a brick.


5b, come on, man.
Put your isk where your mouth is.

:rofl: I think you had too much fun with this the last time. I’m not covering all your bets :smile:!

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No, people don’t care about standing hits because it’s an irrelevant NPC event. If CCP imposes standing hits people will just farm the triglavians (assuming there’s anything worth farming) instead because hardly anyone cares which NPC faction wins.

He’s really trying to find some way to spend that 5B

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