1 billion loan with 20% interest monthly

Amount: 1b

Interest: 20% Monthly

Duration: 1 month, however can be adjusted as needed

Purpose: Unlike most of the other people here, I have a concrete plan. I have all the skills I need to fly a freighter and I plan to do regional trading, but I unfortunately do not have the funds to have a good starting capital. However, when I do get this ball rolling, I can make lots of profit. I have done some smaller scale trading in my freighter, but nothing too big. I also plan on joining Red Frog when I meet the prerequisites, and possibly do regional trading on the side. Regardless, I have a very solid plan to make back this money, however, I need some capital to get started.

If you need some proof, here is my skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ass_Blast_USA
It shouldn’t have a password but if it does let me know.

I would like to say that I have past loans under my belt, but unfortunately I do not. However, we all have to start somewhere, yes?

Cash out: At our agreed date.

Start date: 1 day after successful transfer

Terms are fluid, and can be adjusted as you like. If you want to contact me, please shoot me an evemail, or reply to this post. I should respond ASAP, but if I don’t give me some time.


There is the risk that you will lose your freighter in that month. Is there by chance collateral I or a third party can hold thats worth 2.5b until the month is up? If you haven’t paid your subscription maybe you can buy some plex early and use that as collateral since the term is so short since you’ll have to resubscribe soon anyway?

What made hauling in a T1 Industrial dangerous specifically?

Lack of health made ganking a lot easier. Unmodified, the Obelisk has over 45x the amount of structural HP than a sigil (the hauler I was using), 17x the amount of shield and 20x the amount of armor. When modding a sigil for durability, you also lose a lot of cargo space. Of course, there is still the chance to get ganked in a freighter, but I would rather haul my high-value items in an obelisk than a paper-thin sigil any day.

I plexed not too long before I wrote this, so I’m not worried about my subscription running out. I don’t have much in the way of collatoral. The most I can do is about 50 PLEX + “Kaikka’s Modified 425mm Railgun”, which is an officer module worth around 1 billion last I checked.

EDIT: My Plex: https://gyazo.com/6182ebb1746719080610fde682104b21

Since you’re mentioning flying an Obelisk, I’d suggest polishing up your armor, shield and navigation skills first.

  • Hull Upgrades: +5% armor/level
  • Mechanics: +5% structure/level
  • Shield Management: +5% shield/level
  • Evasive Maneuvering: +5% agility/level

If you had those skills trained up I might be interested once I’ve liquidated some more assets.

Luckily I have some left over skillpoints so I’ll invest in those right now, I’ll reply again when I’m done

I have leveled all the skills you mentioned to level four with the exception of evasive maneuvering which is in queue.

If you can front collateral I will be interested to do this at much lower than 20% monthly.

Send me a mail ingame with more details regarding your trading and your collateral.

I’ll only be interested in lending up to the value of collateral however.

Most of us start small where we can build up isk and be able to afford purchasing a freighter with our own isk.

The problem i see here, is that you seem to be very inexperienced. When I use my freighter alt, i have a webber/scout alt too, but i doubt you have one. I dont want to see you afk autopilot through uedama and die with my isk. And if you cant fly a freighter responsibly, you shouldnt be flying one at all.

Id go with maybe a DSP if you want more space, for now. It would be cheaper and faster and safer. Make money that way. And then buy your own freighter.

I just bought my freighter, in fact, after selling off my assets across all my characters/getting some money from close friends/doing some grinding. I always fly it as safely as possible, I never autopilot and I always fly with t2 reinforced bulkheads (https://gyazo.com/d50f281c8422c1b31d5b1c4b79c25658) and my ship is also insured, because trust me, I am just as paranoid about losing my ship as you are. Because I have the freighter I am lowering my loan to 1 billion, and that is to get the ball going so I can take on bigger hauls. The interest and length is staying the same. I’ve only ever been ganked once and that was at the very start of my hauling career where I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I really should have done this earlier, but I just updated the post.

You got any collateral yet? I’ll do the loan for way less interest if you can raise some security.

If you cannot raise collateral for the full amount might I suggest taking a smaller loan, both for extra capital and to build your credit a little.

As a side note, would you be willing to allow me access to your wallet API to have a look at your recent dealings?

my gosh… i cannot believe 1 bil would take this much work… PM me, i’ll throw 1bil at you for free… geesh people, it’s just 1bil…


Can I have a billion too? @TxivYawg1

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