1) Concord bling. 2) biomassing

Two unrelated questions:

  1. Concord stuff that you can buy from Concord LP seems to be in low demand, and seems to always have been. I never see the stuff sell for anything worthwhile. Why? Does this stuff suck?
  • On the totem pole of modules, where does this stuff rank? Less than meta 4? Meta 4 level? Faction? Tech II?
  1. How to biomass a character, and if you do, does it biomass the entire account, or just the one character attached to the account, leaving the other two characters fine?

Thank you.

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(2) To biomass a character, you must go to the Character Select screen and hover your cursor on the top right corner of the character’s portrait. A small X icon should appear, click this. Then you have a ten-hour “cool-down period” so you can think about your choices. After ten hours, click the X again and turn up the volume. The sound effect is…exquisite.

Concord stuff used to be the faction equivalent for all capital modules. Which has been usurped by cheaper to produce and buy T2 items as well as meta items which can be built from minerals like T1 items.

Then the 2, 4, and 6% implants dont offer a lot more than the 1, 3 and 5% variants which are a lot cheaper and easier to procure.

So Concord LP had a very large heyday in its time but imo has become less and less useful overall and a lot of guys I know are now trading in Concord LP at the 80% value for other high value LP stores to get a good deal on LP. LP used to go for upwards of 4K/LP then down to the 2K mark for many years and now it seems as if its almost in the 1K range though I havent checked lately. But the effective market has gotten a lot tighter for the LP rewards and trade ins.

If you biomass a character its the character not the account.


Good info - thanks.

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