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(Sandy Law) #243

Why post such an irrelevant battle? Those are all trash pilots.

(Natural CloneKiller) #244

As you know isk does not matter here. Content was the winner here.


(Sandy Law) #245

You either sold your account or someone else is posting for you.

  1. you reply to Salty Saeger
  2. you are proud for kicking cyber toilet

Probably losing VMG on your watch must have taken its toll on you.

(Saeger1737) #246

Isk matters as it’s a factor in warfare…
Your opponents use a cheaper cost effective setup, just killing one of your ships would offset the isk lost…

Might as well tell your costumers that isk doesn’t matter.

(Sandy Law) #247

Odd thing. I had no idea gerbils can type. Let alone do math.

(gnshadowninja) #248

Money only matters on warfare if your short of it, if either party cannot sustain then it becomes an issue.

Let’s be reasonable, if anyone actually cared about ISK they wouldnt fly 2b - 10b ships with equal worth in implants against like 150m megas.

(Saeger1737) #249

Sadly reminding me of a marmite alt, or sol epoch at this point…

The gerbil reference is a dead give away…

Isk always matters

(Sandy Law) #250

You cannot and will not be able to reason with a gerbil. Especially a trolling gerbil. Salty Saeger is here because of his major butthurt. Est. 2015

(Cyber Fight'r) #251

Saeger is the best forum commentator i know.

I ask myself guys what are you doing when CCP is removing the wardec system ?

(Sol epoch) #252

You just can’t help listing my name lol.
Sadly you are again totally wrong as is usual for you!

(Sol epoch) #253

Fixed it for you!

(Saeger1737) #254

Isk is currently the currency of the game, it matters because you either gloat about your kills… As such the battle report from above or so wildly defend loses as all of ex-vmg has done before…

Literally if isk didn’t matter you wouldn’t fly with neutral logi and you would play the game strictly for fun… But you’ve lost the game, it’s become your job. You no longer play for fun, it’s all about the isk you kill… And simply put that’s why the Merc market in highsec is dying…

No fun, all isk, because isk matters.

(Sandy Law) #255

I cannot help but notice the pink elephant in the room. What the ■■■■ happened to this game? It got invaded by kids and gerbils with mental problems. OMGOMG

And then Natural CloneKiller comes showing off a fight where they killed 5 megas that belonged to two trash pilots. Jesus Effing Christ.

(Nykke) #256

this thread needs more parrots


(Tora Bushido) #257

No, no, no… you misread that, it’s PIRATS. :facepunch: :laughing:

(Sandy Law) #258

Who is spinning your ship in the station if you are on the forums ?

(Faylee Freir) #259

Ship spinning bots! Confirmed, Tora has rookie ship spinning numbers.

(Sol epoch) #260

I will agree on that!
Your post makes a good statement and it is the main reason I am no longer a merc. It has lost it’s way and now chases the isk!

(Sandy Law) #261

Surely not because your lot got asskicked by VMG and you decided to pocket the isk and run to null :slight_smile:

(Saeger1737) #262

He actually gave back the isk.