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(Alocer Agaliarept) #263

Can some one please tell Kickah how to fitt ships, you guys are leaving that poor man to look silly. Also BSOD now black legion and test, lol

Slave set in a tornado, how classic ex VMG garbage

Hows that citadel defense going?

I’m sorry I had to edit this post, Some one help Tigger while they are at it with kickah, My eyes have literally melted… and he had this on a gate??

(Saeger1737) #264

So the https://zkillboard.com/kill/72920114/ 2015 marmite fit never gets old but it seems you guys fail at flying…

(Sandy Law) #265

Seems to me you fail at logging in.

(Saeger1737) #266

Do I? So your watching my logins, your in my game room? Sad forum alt… Anthro just post on your main.

(Sandy Law) #267

First you were convinced that I was Natural, then Yaosus, then Sol and now Anthro. Each character with its own tell tale you discovered. Great detective work. Detective Mickey Mouse.

(Saeger1737) #268

Never said natural, but I guess you being the pesky fly in my game room stalking my logins, believe whatever your master khromius teaches you… Then I guess we are at this impass.

(Sandy Law) #269

So, who am I today detective Mickey Mouse?

(labtecwar) #270

OMG you guys still going on about the same ■■■■ ? move on in your life ffs lol

(Alocer Agaliarept) #271

Your fitts tell it all, Im not even trolling at this point but i feel i actually have to point this out. Lets take a look at danza’s Vindicator, My son you are flying with repps, Why are you going to faction your plates but t2 your resistance mods?? Once your repps kick in unless you are fighting enough people to take fleet alpha into account your HP becomes irrelevant and comes down to resists, and you skimped on them. 1 webb on a vindi, in place for a sebo? 90% of the time your vindi will be for battleship fights only! otherwise it is too slow to keep up with any sort of t3 brawler gang, so honestly what do you need the sebo for, to lock another battleship that tiny bit faster???

The t1 cap boosters, you cannot be serious with this… and t1 tri-marks, you are undocking a faction battleship , stop being poor and get t2-trimarks maybe then you wouldnt have to faction your plates and t2 your resists,

Honestly what on earth is wrong with you guys.

(Saeger1737) #272

Why Mickey mouse? Why not Dick Tracy? Or hell Batman, all good detectives, seriously you seemed slightly obsessed whether I post here or not…

(Saeger1737) #273

This is just hilarious.

Oh wait there’s more!!!

Oh look at the paper fit vargur.

(Pheonix Jr) #274

[quote=“Saeger1737, post:273, topic:84535, full:true”]

This is just hilarious.


What’s actually hilarious is that’s lil pheonix’s cynabal fit, The same exact fit that khrom tried to say wasnt good for VMG, I guess suddenly they think it’s good enough to fly?

P.S. this is what happens when stupid people fly ships with a sub par amount of logi/scouting/intelligence. Thanks Anthro for once again reminding us that you are in fact a bottom feeder. Hows the US Tz going?

(Sandy Law) #275

The funny part is that you have a lot in common with a wooden log. Especially the smarts. OMG how are people like you surviving this harsh world? Where do you live… in Canada?

(Saeger1737) #276

Wouldn’t you know where I live since your watching me log in everyday?

(Cyber Fight'r) #277

(Wanda Fayne) #278

Nobody in Canada cares about your ass today, it is October 17th.

(Sandy Law) #279

Wrong. Ask Yomamma :slight_smile:

(Saeger1737) #280


(Lukka Hawke) #281

Two reclaimator’s down, only a matter of time until the rest of the corp leaves piRAT
I’m having some Deja Vu.

(Doctor Per) #282

piRAT destroyed themselves when first vmg guy joined it. It’s like a time bomb, only question of time.