[* 1 RANK MERC] Mercenary Services - P I R A T

Hire PIRAT. We draw tears and create our own personal fan club.

Yesterday we had our personal record.
We shot 9 Pirats and destroyed ships worth 7.6 billions.

Hire Pirat they need new ships



We are open to citadel contracts. Both attacking and defensive based.

We do offer protection contracts and general war decs.

Collecting tears since 2011.

Hi, what does a protection contract look like? Does PIRATE get work from NULL these days from random players wanting some extra protection? Like players in NPC Null, do they hire services while BO is here while they are for EG doing a DED site or something. Ty

Contact me in game.

Oh I’m not asking for your services, I am just genuinely interested to know if you are able to cash in on the BlackOut for players unsure of doing PVE with no local, and if you are supplying that service, If you are, that is awesome that you offer that to players who feel unsafe in NULL during blackout. Protection Service caught my eye. Interesting.

We only do protection services in high sec currently.

Hmmm, seems like a lost opportunity to cash in on the Blackout, safety for the Keen Newbee looking for system protection doing DED Escalation’s etc.

Pirat would survive in 0.0 for about 1 minute.
Their service = to ransom guys who have a structure in high sec.

I think your over estimating them, 30 seconds in a real engagement, probably would be spamming warp while in a bubble

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It is a viable business opportunity, but not for us currently. We have lots of contracts as it is in high sec alone. With us flying bling it means there is no threat of capital escalation or it’s harder to hot drop with sub cap fleet.

PIRAT currently gets hired for war decs, war assistance and everything to do with high sec structures.

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Translation, they are scared of cynos… Gives them the Willies

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More like bored of cynos lol. When I was helping put titans in the game I think you might still have been in your baby grows! I see nothing has really changed. Still obsessed with PIRAT. Still looking at what other people are doing and still salty. Why dont you come a actually fight in game rather be the forum warrior that pushes up our post. Bring some friends and come pvp. Dont run away like you always do. Have a good day salty McSaltface!



We mine Salt…

You putting titans in the game, that’s like saying you ever leave the area around jita… Your just a sad little highsec camper… Too scared to leave your diapers behind of your highsec ways…

Be honest, highsec is your comfort zone and khromius is your mommy…


Dying like normal

Haha…whilst we have fun in the game, there are some that just love to paste salt over the forums. Hire PIRAT, we actually have haters and great content.

Did someone say top 10 alliance in the last 90 days on zkill.

Join the fun. Log in!

I know that was no fun for you.

Lol. When you are a boxer in a fight you prefer to test yourself against good opposition. As a fighter you dont mind taking a bloody nose and losing a few times. It makes you stronger. So strange as it might seem, yes I did enjoy that. We have too much isk to care about losses.

You just dont get it. I’d rather be in a fight than swating flies who cannot fight back. It’s why I have more respect for you as you undock and fight than some trolly dolly forum warrior who never once did anything to vmg or PIRAT.

Why do you think we put up a fortizar in peri. Lol. We want someone to come fight. It’s called content.

Hire PIRAT today. We fly bling and we love to fight.