[* 1 RANK MERC] Mercenary Services - P I R A T

We were hoping you would put your own war hq down, but you too scared to do so. Feed of assist like just shows you don’t have the minerals to put a dec in yourself. It will be a constant reminder that, at the end of the day you are just a leach.

If you do dec us I promise to make it mutual so you don’t have to pay the war bill. I know you dont have much isk.

Great content and you keep my guys on their toes. Dont leave the game again. It was getting boring.

Your very much a boring individual

Hmm …
To give you the chance to summon all your F1 monkeys there ? Would you do that against an enemy who have much more members than yourself ? Nope we will keep it as is.

Hire PIRAT. We are gearing up for the weekend!

Seriously you still on here crying? I’ll be 30 soon and your still at it.

Well your new tactic seems to be bore us with easy kills.

Hire PIRAT. We make hostile fly 150km away from our main fleet due to the fact they are bottom line cowards. Pure comedy for even showing up. Only winner there was CCP as they paid them for the accounts. Lol

8th ranked pvp alliance over the last 90 days.

Natural …
I really start to feel sorry for you.
Today i used the same bait twice within 4 hours.
And killed 3 of your Guys (including a retarded CLOAKY :slight_smile: Nestor )

Man what your alliance have become …
Fighting you as VMG was more Challenge.

(We shot pirat ships worth 6,5 bn in one day)


Do not feel sorry. What you are doing is good for the alliance. Being hunted will make the men stand out from the boys.

I approve.

Hire PIRAT. We are happy to be in the line of fire for your cause. Hire us today.

It’s funny because last time you tried to “Bait me” you wouldnt come near me without literally almost 30 other players and most of them in griffins to jam me, I wonder if your entire corp could kill just me without the help of these Amarr schmucks, probably not but i guess we’ll never know since you have the tactical sense of an actual ant.

Edit, when i pulled in just 3 more pirat for support against your whole corp and the amarr griffin fleet you ran back to amarr and got into thrashers, you’re sad m8

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Oh Phoenix i waited for that :slight_smile:

Can you remember when you decided to not join Riot ? Because they used Baahlgorns against Rattlesnakes ? Your new and former buddies are using cloaked nestors. If you believe anything you said you would have to leave by now !

Not sure you have any right to discuss real fleet fight strategy. Says he who flies a vector 150 off a rattlesnake fleet and drops t1 drones on the field. You redefined my definition of a pussy cat that day lol.

Hire PIRAT. We fly real ships.

Wow guess perspective is everything, it’s amazing how being out in nullsec makes you all look like nothing but bickering little girls over a small percentage of the bigger pie…

Cloaky Nestor is dumb btw… Your just screwing up your mids to get normal lock time of an uncloaked Nestor…

Highsec is just sad anymore…

Lol. Your the one obsessed by us, following our posts. Go press f1.

Hire PIRAT we love salty tears!

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Well now you have a nestor Sample on your Killboard.
Use it for course 1


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Oh Boys. …

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Hire PIRAT. We draw tears and create our own personal fan club.

Yesterday we had our personal record.
We shot 9 Pirats and destroyed ships worth 7.6 billions.

Hire Pirat they need new ships



We are open to citadel contracts. Both attacking and defensive based.

We do offer protection contracts and general war decs.