Everyone knows of the small gangs that roam, or perhaps the great null blobs that own the space, but a less well known facet of EvE Gameplay is the midscale groups. These groups while not as well known have helped create tons of content and as such the >10: EVE ONLINE MIDSCALE discord server was created.

Join for discussion and connection of players in the midscale community.


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Whats the difference?

Not too big, and not too small.

The Goldilocks Zone of EVE sociopathy.

Beepboop That-is-what-she-said

Engage laugh subroutine<


Midscale let’s you blob without being called blobbers and still being able to call others blobbers


Good answer :slight_smile:

We now have over 45 midscalers!

There is no such thing. There are only varying levels of blob.

starting to sound like a blob

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Yes, this

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