+10-for-a-month implants

I was fortunate enough to find a festival implant good for boosting all attributes by +10 for a month. I wanted to confirm a couple of things.

  • Since this is implant slot 10, the +10 boost will be in addition to any of the Slot 1 through 5 attribute increases?

  • If it expires on January 30th, and I inject it on January 29th, the effect will continue roughly through Feb 28th?

  • I believe that while the injector is active, the maximum possible training time is 3,600 SP / hour. Can someone check my math? …

Using +5 implants for our primary skill and secondary skill, along with an optimized remap, we get up to 32 for our primary attribute and 26 for our secondary. We then add +10 (slot 10 festival injector) to both of these to arrive at 42 and 36.

42 + (0.5 x 36) = 60 SP / minute. -> 3,600 per hour.


  1. yes
  2. yes, if the thing runs for a month and there aren’t any other restrictions (like character age)
  3. -effort-
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The Yoiul Festival Cerebral Accelerator only lasts 3 days (259200 seconds), or up to 6 days with Biology V trained.

  1. It goes in Booster slot 10, not Implant slot 10, but otherwise, yes, its attribute bonusses stack with those offered by Implants in Implant slots 1-5.
  2. When the expiration time hits (in this case, january 30th 2018 11:00h UTC), it ceases to operate, whether injected or not. If you inject it on January 29th, you’re wasting most of the effect. Note that this date is typically way beyond the end of the end time of the event that grants them.
  3. 1*(27+5+10) + 0.5*(21+5+10) = 60 sp/min, indeed. However, I find it more useful to think about the accelerator adding 15 sp/min, regardless of how you’re currently mapped and what you’re currently training.

So, this booster adds a total of 64800 sp over 3 days, or up to 129600 sp over 6 days with Biology V. For a character with over 80M sp, this is almost as much as a large skill injector grants (150000 sp), at 1/5th the cost (just saw this accelerator on market for under 150M isk, whereas large skill injectors go for over 750M isk)

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Ah - 3 days indeed, thanks. I saw one too many zeroes. It felt so OP I was thinking about saying something to the CCP folks. Hah.

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