100% Free ship/modules/fits/advice/coach/ and more for new players 😇

no worries mate :slight_smile: anytime :slight_smile:

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They had in game vids for a while, But they were taken down, no, I do not know why.



I hope they add new videos in-game sooner then latter for new players and more useful information to help them get started.

Do you know by chance anything about what CCP plans on doing about improving new player experience? Are they even have any plans for that? Is there anyone working at CCP responsible for new player experience improvements if yes what are they working on right now? How much CCP care about helping out new players? Are they looking to increase the player-base at all or are they happy with the amount we have right now? I would love to know more about where CCP stands with new players, in my humble opinion CCP could do a lot more to improve on new player experience, correct me if I’m wrong.

I like what they done but I’d like to see more effort put into bringing new players to the game.

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This vod needs more views as it is one of the best I had seen for EVE solo pvp.

/Someone on reddit mentioned that they are still getting killmails from it.

Funny you should ask

I am the elected player rep who ran on the basis of representing new players. I have taken a lot of the suggestions from the rookie help chat and my years in that channel and given them directly to the devs involved.

Yes, CCP does value the new players as they are the life blood of the game in the future. Specifics about whether they are doing this or that? I cannot say since I sign a Non Disclosure Agreement so I can work directly with the devs. (If you are curious about why I am able to do this you may want to ask questions about or research the CSM)


So after 17 years of getting it wrong, how many years left until they finally get it right?

If they got it ‘wrong’ for 17 years how did they last so long?

Look around at all the games that are 17 years old that got it ‘right’


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could you please have a look my other thread and tell me what you think about it please?

I meant specifically with the new player experience. It’s objectively bad, and always has been.


Can you tell me what is it takes/require to become CSM ?

How did you become CSM ?

What’s wrong with venture mining as newbie though? That’s how I started in EVE (after finishing the tutorial, career agents and SOE epic arc).

Pay was/is terrible, but it allowed me to get some ISK to buy more ships and skillbooks, while reading everything about the game on my second screen.

Nothing wrong with the Venture. In fact mining is the easiest way to make quick isk as a new player as it require close to no skill to start mining right away. The isk/hour is really terrible and there are far better way to earn more isk/hour as a new player however the simplicity of mining is undoubtedly is a huge advantage.

I was elected, as was the rest of the council. The elections are held in the spring. To vote you have to be an omega account. Players are the ones who vote and I am sure some will come in to tell you that it is a null sec power group as null sec players are more organized and manage to get quite a few reps on the council.

I am the odd man out in that regard, not being in a player corp, alliance, and focusing my efforts on the new players and hisec, two groups notorious for not voting. But I am a stubborn old man and I somehow garnered enough votes to get a seat at the table (again, I have served on the council in other years)

Ah, but is it getting better? I have been around a decade in the game . . . I make new accounts to see the changes to the new player experience and I have talked to the folks who played before I arrived.

Is it still in need of a lot of work? Hell yes. But compared to what it once was it is better and I have hopes that CCP will continue to improve the New Player experience to the point that a decent number of people who try the game . . . stay, play, help the game grow.

A lot of vets have a sort of survivor attitude of ‘if we had bad new player experiences and stayed then so should the new crop’ I disagree with that and think a lot of little pain points could be fixed. I am trying to make some of that happen.


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It turns you into a reprobate, you lose your job, and then your girlfriend leaves you and takes the dog. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Serious answer: it’s the gateway drug to EVE’s version of meth; basically, low-intelligence, bot-aspirant behavior. The income sucks, and it teaches you nothing with regard to surviving in the EVE universe, and turns you into complacent livestock waiting to be harvested.

Late 2004 here, mostly piracy. I teach new players how to be mercs/pirates, if they’re willing to listen. I also routinely make new characters and pretend to be a new player. My freshest one is 7 million SP, although I’m not super active right now due to an increased work load from COVID. You actually gave me a Rifter once, and I pretended to be impressed and asked you a few dumb noob questions. So I’ve seen the NPE iterations over the years. Something is missing. The current career agents are alright, but they seem superficial, kind of like going through a simulation for something, and when you do it for real, you get lost.

I think that letting new players start out with a decent chunk of SP, with mid-tier skills trained up to cruisers, along with a few fully-fitted ships and saved fittings for them, could help a little bit. Come to think of it, when we started out with about a million SP, that was like the golden age for new players. I’d bump that to about 2, maybe 2.5 million, however. I know that you can get 1 million SP from a referral, but not everyone does this, and those who do don’t necessarily know how to allocate the points properly.

You want players to start out with the ability to engage in low-level content right away, because today, you still need to do a bit of training just to get into high-sec anomalies. On top of that, a part of the tutorial should entail going out and completing some actual content (e.g. probe out a real, non-tutorial combat site and complete it). Finally, there should be a live PvP element in the tutorial, noob versus noob. That’s my take on the NPE.


vod link removed as it doesnt belong here

the offer is still active to any new player :slight_smile:

hey were is my stuff?

That’s a great idea to help with the basics, how to set default orbit and keep at range and use it, etc.

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@Katarina_Neeko You should absolutely stand for CSM! I look forward to seeing your CSM campaign thread!

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