New eve online game modes? (king of the hill) - (MOBA)

These are just ideas that may or may not would make eve online more attractive to larger player-base.

Maybe creating new servers with sightly different rules for example: king of the hill game mode with 100 player FFA where you spawn in randomly with maxed skills and you have to run around systems to find loot and take out everyone else with modules you find while you and everyone else forced closer and closer to each other by death circle closing on them.

How about a MOBA game mode on different server? With lanes to push to take out enemy base in 5v5 format.

I mean why not? Would it be unfeasible or perhaps unpopular? Is there any reason why not go for it? It would run on different and smaller server an “alt” if you will. It would be there for making real Eve online more popular… I don’t want to say/bring this up but there is game called Fortnite which started out as a co-op pve game and it was not very popular with players until they introduced a new king of the hill game-mode and all the sudden exploded in popularity.

Any thoughts on that?

The king of the hill in my mind would a look a little something like this:

  • FFA between 100 players. There can be only 1 winner. Could be small groups like teams of 2,3,4 or solo options to chose from. Matchmaking system to find random team mates or create a party before queuing up.

  • There are 20 systems. As time goes on there are fewer systems remain forcing players closer and closer to each other until only 1 system remain. I think fixed systems better then randomly generated ones. Everyone alerted on map by when and which system are going down. Players in affected systems take dmg overtime and must seek clear systems quickly before destroyed by the “weather” effect.

  • Players randomly spawns around these 20 system in a random corvette or scanning frigate with no modules only Expanded Probe Launcher with Combat Scanner Probes and Mobile Depot in cargo (maybe make it so anyone can refit in space as long as not in combat so we dont need MDs or make MDs deploy faster then usual).

  • Players needs to scan down sites to find better ships/modules while fight each other for survivor. These ships and modules are randomly scattered around the systems. Ships types limited and only goes up maybe BS or lower. Modules are fitted to the ships you find but also can be found separately in systems to upgrade your ship. You may also find implants for bonus stats.

  • If you lose your ship due to enemy player your pod also dies with it so that there is no unlimited life.

  • Maybe make it so that there is no self repair modules or passive shield recharge and only way to repair the shield/armor/hull is to find and use repair packs “consumables”. You may find booster that are temporarily increase your ship stats ex: speed,dmg,small hp regeneration overtime, small bonus resistance etc.

  • Outside of matches maybe have shops for cosmetics chooses. Maybe even your own space station to do stuff ex.: set up miners for ores to build stuff that you can maybe transfer to original eve server to use. Research BPOs maybe even PI stuff that you can trade between your original eve server and king of the hill game server.

EVE already is a FFA king of the hill. This round is lasting 17 years already.


Why not?

Because it is a totally different game, with totally different mechanics, which would require totally different balancing and a different hardware setup, along with a new frontend section for this. Add the complexity of the game mode and eve in general and you now have a MOBA which only existing or former eve players would be able to pickup in even a semi-reasonable period of time.

Which means that it’s either going to necessitate pretty much a full second dev team operating in parallel, and/or will lead to MORE errors like forgetting about how to get cores into wormholes, and/or will lead to slower updates and significantly less dev time on the main game.

And all to chase the elusive “wider market” which will be pretty much instantly turned off by the game systems more complicated than “put person in center of screen, click” if they come in expecting a traditional-ish FFA, and by the controls for micro if they come in expecting a conventional-ish MOBA, and by the complexity of the system if they come in expecting either of those.

So, a very strong -1 from me.

Basically, you are asking one game to become another or build the other into itself. Changes ahppen in the game and improvements (or damage) is done by the devs on a regular basis. Recently we have added a form of arena combat, for example and have small arena already happening. But MOBA style?

For a short while there was an FPS connected to Eve.

Who knows what will come next? But I kind of doubt it will be ‘defence of the ancients’.



If you want an EVE moba, why not make one from the ground up? Just make eve models and themes (basically fractured space but EVE).

Beyond that it doesn’t need anything to do with eve

Just… why?? EVE is a pseudo-sandbox game of open-world exploration and competition with other players in virtually all aspects of the game. It isn’t meant to appeal to the same play styles as a MOBA, and trying to shoehorn such a drastically different type of gameplay into the game would be an incredible waste of time.

Could CCP possibly launch a New Eden-universe MOBA as a stand-alone game? Yes. Should it be embedded in EVE Online? No - it wouldn’t contribute anything to EVE Online’s core gameplay.

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