100m & 32m PVP Pilot looking for nullcorp

(Rose Walter) #1

*No CTA’s or PAP’s
*Somewhat PVP orientated
*North is a plus

  • Max 10% tax

I am hardly ever on this character so just shoot me a mail or reply to the thread


(repoman1) #2

join our pub channel


(Starbud Paul) #3

Have a look at Shadow Incursion we are Uk/Eu based corp

Plz have a Read at our recruitment post

Look forwardand hope to hearing from you

(BearThatCares) #4

Hey Rose! Sadly up North you won’t be able to find a corporation without CTA requirements unless they’re in an alternate alliance than a main GOTG one.

(Hideki Hakomairos) #5


We have no real CTA or PAP requirements. If a CTA is called, of course real life comes first and there will be no punishment. Just don’t be ratting or krabing when we need to PVP. We live in the South, are mostly PVP orientated but do other things to make money for both personal wallets and corps. We are USTZ but have some dudes who play in EUTZ. Mostly everyone else in the alliance is AUTZ.

Check us out: Cerberus Federation [CEFED] - USTZ - Recruiting PVP/Indy Bros for 0.0 SOV Fun

(Turgun) #6

How far North? We live in syndicate not far from Cloud Ring.
join ‘the flightdeck’ chat channel in game if ya wanna find out more about us!

(system) #7

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